Simply Grilling Nonstick Corn Basket

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Treat your taste buds with sweet and smoky corn fresh from the grill, thanks to the Cuisinart® Nonstick Corn Basket. Just husk four large ears of corn, lightly butter or oil the ears, place into the basket and lock into place. After a few minutes, grip the elongated heat-resistant handle and turn all 4 ears at once with ease. In no time, you will be enjoying your mouth-watering smoky creation. The professional nonstick coating ensures your kernels won't stick, making grilling and cleaning easy. 


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  • Conveniently holds 4 large ears of corn
  • Grills corn evenly and reduces charring
  • Securely locks corn into place so ears do not fall out
  • Turn up to 4 ears of corn in a single motion
  • Elongated heat-resistant handle provides comfortable turning
  • Professional grade non-stick coating ensures easy clean-up
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