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Porcelain dinnerware lends an instant elegance to any meal. Cuisinart offers a variety of beautiful patterns, each dish designed and crafted of the finest quality porcelain. From colorful geometrics to bold black on white to delicate pastels, Cuisinart porcelain dinnerware can be classically elegant, totally trendy, and everything in between. Whether serving family or guests, dining at a table set with Cuisinart makes every meal a special occasion!


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    • 16-piece set includes 4 10" dinner plates, 4 8" salad plates, 4 6.5" bowls, and 4 12oz mugs
    • Highly durable glazed porcelain of the best quality
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Microwave safe
    • Lifetime Warranty
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  • MC Quantity: 2