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Cuisinart® Elite Collection™ Food Processors

Stamford, CT - October 2009


October 2009

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Cuisinart Elite Collection™ 14-Cup Die Cast Metal Food Processor

Food for Thought:

Taking the Art of Food Preparation to the Next Level:


Cuisinart is writing a new chapter in the history of its iconic food processor with the debut of the new Elite Collection™.  At the heart of the new line is Cuisinart’s 14-Cup Die Cast Metal Food Processor (model no. FP-14DC), with three nested work bowls that allow home cooks to prepare several recipes at once, while eliminating the need to clean bowls in between tasks. The Elite Food Processor streamlines home cooking by making even quicker work of food preparation and cleanup without taking up any additional counter space.  Cuisinart’s new unit features an exclusive BladeLock™ system that enables the blades to stay locked in place to prevent leaking from the bottom of the bowl when the food processor is in use or while pouring out ingredients. The SealTight™ advantage system maximizes each bowl’s processing capacity while eliminating drips and leaks.  The new food processor also has an easy on/off locking system integrated into the lid, with push-button release for the ultimate in ease of use and safety.  These industry-first features make Cuisinart’s Elite Collection™ the most innovative, high-performance food processors on the market.


The Cuisinart Elite Food Processor comes with three different-sized nested work bowls for a convenient and adaptable processing experience: a 14-cup large bowl, an 11-cup medium bowl and a 4½-cup small bowl, all with pour spouts, and maximum liquid fill lines, along with measurement markings on the large bowl. When nested, the bowls are able to pour out ingredients while remaining inter-connected.  Cuisinart’s Elite Food Processor also features a totally new look with a tapered work bowl design and a rounded-square base that has a die-cast metal finish. The food processor is available in a white or black finish as well.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Food Processor:



The Cuisinart 14-Cup Die Cast Metal Food Processor is designed with a 1,000-watt peak power motor, making it the company’s most powerful food processor to date. The motor was specially developed to deliver the exact amount of power for the task at hand, whether delicately mincing garlic or mixing heavy dough.

This new food processor also comes with a stainless steel adjustable slicing disc (1 – 6 mm) and a stainless steel reversible shredding disc (fine/medium), both of which can be used in conjunction with either the large or medium work bowls to expand the applications of the unit even further. In addition, the food processor comes with three blades: a small and a large stainless steel chopping/mixing blade and a dough blade.  Both chopping blades feature the exclusive BladeLock™ System which, in addition to sealing the bottom of the work bowls, enables the blades to stay locked in place while pouring out ingredients. “The introduction of this new food processor marks the beginning of a new era in home cooking,” says Mary Rodgers, Director of Marketing Communications for Cuisinart. “The Elite Food Processor makes multi-tasking in the kitchen possible in ways that were simply unachievable before now. This is especially valuable at a time when consumers are placing more emphasis on supporting local farmers and only using the freshest ingredients. Home cooks are looking for kitchen appliances that help them use these fresh ingredients to achieve the full potential of their recipes, and the Elite Food Processor is the definitive culinary appliance for the job.” 



Cuisinart’s Elite Food Processor is packed with features that allow home cooks to tackle a full range of food prep tasks with greater convenience than ever. The unit’s lid has an easy on/off locking system with push button release, and the nested bowls are designed with a SealTight™ advantage system that maximizes each bowl’s processing capacity, ensures safe handling and keeps all ingredients contained.  To optimize the food preparation process, the work bowls should be used in order from smallest to largest; this allows consumers to use each bowl without having to clean them between tasks. For instance, Cuisinart’s cherry crumb muffin recipe can be completed from start to finish by preparing the topping first in the small work bowl, most of the dry muffin ingredients in the medium bowl, and the liquid ingredients, dried cherries and other remaining items in the large bowl.

The Elite Food Processor can also be used to create an entire meal. Home cooks can prepare a pesto or vinaigrette in the small work bowl, a chicken stir fry in the medium bowl and the perfect pie crust in the large bowl.  Or, consumers have the option to use just one of the three work bowls for a single food prep task.

For added convenience, the work bowls also include a locking feature to prevent them from coming out of position when pouring, and the medium and small bowls have finger recesses for easy handling. All the work bowls are made of durable polycarbonate material. The Elite unit also has a Supreme® wide mouth feed tube and cover assembly that allows consumers to feed whole fruits or vegetables into the food processor quickly and easily. The 14-Cup Die Cast Metal Food Processor comes with an accessory storage case, stem adaptor, spatula and a how-to DVD. All removable parts are dishwasher safe.


The food processor’s new, tapered design and rounded square base represent a fresh look for the iconic food processor. The Cuisinart Elite unit also has electronic touchpad controls (On, Off, Dough and Pulse) with blue LED lights that indicate when the unit is powered on. In addition, the food processor is designed with a retractable cord for easy countertop storage. 



In addition to the 14-Cup food processor, Cuisinart’s Elite Collection™ includes a 12-Cup food processor that comes with a large 12-cup work bowl and a small 4-cup bowl; and a 4-Cup Chopper/Grinder that features an Auto Reversing SmartPower™ blade, which makes it quicker and easier to process both hard and soft foods. The Chopper/Grinder has a stainless steel blade with both sharp and blunt edges to give home cooks the exact texture they desire.  The sharp edge is designed for the delicate chopping of herbs and for blending and puréeing other soft foods with higher water contents such as onions, fresh herbs, sauces and cooked vegetables. The blunt edge offers a powerful cutting surface to grind through spices and other hard foods such as Parmesan cheese and coffee beans. Both the 12-cup Elite Food Processor and 4-Cup Chopper/Grinder are available in a die-cast metal, white or black finish.  

From multiple food processing capabilities to specialized product functions, the Cuisinart Elite Collection™ offers home cooks a comprehensive food preparation line representing the next generation in culinary excellence.


Just the Facts

Everyday Retail Price:         14-Cup Die Cast Metal Food Processor (model no. FP-14DC), $299

                                             14-Cup Food Processor in black or white (model no. FP-14/BK), $279

                                             12-Cup Die Cast Metal Food Processor (model no. FP-12DC), $249

                                             12-Cup Food Processor in black or white (model no. FP-12/BK), $229

                                             4-Cup Die Cast Metal Chopper/Grinder (model no. CH-4DC), $59.95

                                             4-Cup Chopper/Grinder in black or white (model no. CH-4/BK), $49.95


Availability:                          Immediately


Warranty:                             14-Cup, Limited three-year, full 20-year motor

                                              12-Cup, Limited three-year, full 10-year motor

                                              4-Cup, Limited 18-month


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