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March 2009

March 2009
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Rice Plus™ Multi-Cooker with Fuzzy Logic Technology

Food for Thought:
Multi-Functional Kitchen Electrics Dominate the Countertop
As home cooks broaden the scope of the recipes they are preparing, new countertop kitchen electrics that are both multi-functional and space-saving will become fundamental components of home kitchens.
Rice cookers are a major growth area in the housewares industry and continue to gain popularity among home cooks.  According to 2009's HomeWorld Forecast*, "Rice cookers have grown significantly beyond their initial niche position for Asian- and Hispanic-American consumers.  The category has successfully attracted a much larger base."
Cuisinart, long a pioneer of kitchen electrics, is meeting this increased consumer demand with a new rice cooker that expands on the category's traditional applications.  The Rice Plus™ Multi-Cooker with Fuzzy Logic Technology (model no. FRC-800) features pre-programmed menu options, a 24-hour programmable finish time and an automatic "Keep Warm" setting that activates after cooking is complete.  One of the Multi-Cooker's most distinctive benefits is Fuzzy Logic Technology, which is comprised of a built in "brain" that senses fluctuations in cooking and automatically adjusts operation to ensure perfect results every time.
What to Look for When Purchasing a Rice Cooker:
Fuzzy Logic Technology is a form of multi-valued logic that is approximate rather than precise, and in this case allows for nuances in rice cooking techniques and timing that are not possible with traditional cooking methods.  Cuisinart's new kitchen appliance is also equipped with an easy-to-read control panel and backlit blue LCD display, pre-programmed menu options that include White Rice, Sushi Rice, Brown Rice and Arborio Rice (most often used for Risotto), and additional options for Oatmeal, Slow Cooking, Steaming and Soup.  In addition, the unit has Quick Cooking and Reheat functions, making it one of the most versatile pieces of kitchen equipment a home cook can possess.
As rice gains increased recognition as a healthy and delicious base for a bevy of meals, the Rice Plus™ Multi-Cooker is a perfect addition to any home kitchen.  The unit yields up to 15 cups of cooked rice, allowing home cooks to make a smaller meal for the immediate family or to prepare larger quantities for entertaining.  The Cuisinart Multi-Cooker also preserves precious counter space, since the unit can be used to create a wide variety of dishes in one kitchen appliance.  To increase its versatility even further, the new product comes with a steaming rack, measuring cup, rice paddle and spoon for creating everything from steamed asparagus to rice balls. 
The Cuisinart Rice Plus™ Multi-Cooker also includes a non-stick aluminum cooking pot, steam release and inner lid for added convenience during and after food preparation.  Lastly, all removable parts are dishwasher safe, taking the effort out of cleanup and giving home cooks more time to Savor the Good Life®.
*HomeWorld Forecast 2009 was a supplement to the October 2008 Issue of HomeWorld Business
Just the Facts
Everyday Retail Price:                                  $149
Availability:                                                  Immediately
Warranty:                                                    Limited three-year
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