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March 2009

March 2009
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Vertical Rotisserie

Food for Thought:

New Cuisinart Kitchen Appliance Supports the Fight Against Obesity
There is no longer any state in the country with an obesity prevalence rate of less than 20%, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  This staggering statistic is a major reason consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the foods they consume, and more fastidious about ingredients, preparation and meal choices in the kitchen.

Cuisinart is unveiling a new addition to the home cook's healthy eating arsenal with the Vertical Rotisserie (model no. CVR-1000).  The first product of its kind for the company, the vertical rotisserie drains unwanted fat into a drip tray and in turn, produces healthier, more delicious and succulent roasted food.
What to Look for When Purchasing a Rotisserie:
Performance and Capacity:
Rotisserie cooking is a style of roasting in which meat is skewered on a spit, allowing it to be cooked evenly while being basted by its own juices.  The Cuisinart Vertical Rotisserie is equipped to roast up to eight pounds of food at one time, using five preset oven temperature settings: 325˚ F, 350˚ F, 400˚ F, 425˚ F and 450˚ F.  The new rotisserie goes beyond traditional product functions with four accessories that make indoor roasting a multifaceted experience.  The unit has an 8-piece skewer set for delicious kebabs, a roasting rack for beef tenderloin or leg of lamb, a poultry tower for chicken or Cornish hens, and a multipurpose basket for more delicate items like salmon, chicken wings and shrimp.
Cuisinart's new rotisserie is designed with programmable touchpad controls, an LCD readout and a 3-hour countdown timer with auto shutoff to guarantee precise and thorough cooking, regardless of the food type.  Whether running errands or working out at the gym, these features all help home cooks save time in the kitchen by allowing them to focus on other tasks while food is cooking in the rotisserie.   Additionally, the removable chrome insert (which reflects heat for more even cooking) and all four rotisserie accessories are dishwasher safe for expedient cleanup. 
The Cuisinart Vertical Rotisserie has a sleek and compact design with brushed stainless steel housing that complements any kitchen.  In addition, the unit has an interior light that allows consumers to view food as it cooks, and a nonstick interior that prevents buildup within the rotisserie itself, making it easier to clean.  It also has a wide base with nonslip feet to keep the rotisserie balanced and securely in place, and a vented top that automatically releases heat and steam.
Just the Facts
Everyday Retail Price:                                   $199                                                                         
Availability:                                                   April 2009
Warranty:                                                     Limited three-year
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