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March 2009

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Brew Central® 14-Cup Coffeemaker
FlavorBrew® 10-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker
FlavorBrew® 12-Cup Coffeemaker
Food for Thought:
Home Brewing Continues to Enjoy Increased Popularity
At a time when store-made coffee is fast becoming a luxury item, it's more important than ever to have a great coffeemaker at home that recreates the professional coffee experience.  The average coffee drinker spends more than $1,000 annually on this work-day staple (with a store-bought cup being nine ounces and the average American consuming 3.2 cups per day*), and that's a conservative estimate. 
Cuisinart is providing consumers with an ever-growing range of new product options to make it easier than ever to brew, pour and enjoy a great cup of coffee at home.  The FlavorBrew® 12-Cup Coffeemaker (model no. DCC-750/BK), the FlavorBrew® 10-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker (model no. DCC-755/BK) and the Brew Central® 14-Cup Coffeemaker (model no. DCC-2600) are designed to help java aficionados save money while consistently recreating a professional coffee drinking experience in the kitchen. 
All three Cuisinart coffeemakers are fully automatic with 24-hour programmability to permit home brewers to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at any time, and are designed with features such as a 60-second reset that "remembers" settings and where the machine was in the brewing process, adjustable auto shutoff (1 - 4 hours) and Brew Pause® technology.  Additionally, the Brew Central® 14-Cup Coffeemaker includes a strength selector and an adjustable carafe temperature to provide added customization options as well.
What to Look for When Purchasing a Coffeemaker:
Customized Features:
Cuisinart's new coffeemakers have various other features, including the 1 to 4-cup setting that allows consumers to brew smaller amounts of coffee to the same exacting standards that apply to a full pot.  The Brew Central® Coffeemaker has two additional features as well: an adjustable carafe temperature (high, medium and low) that maintains consumers' desired serving temperature even after brewing is complete, as well as strength control (regular or bold) to suit any coffee drinker's preferences. 
Both the Brew Central® and FlavorBrew® lines are equipped with a 60-second reset power loss back-up system that provides a one-minute protection against power failures or tripped breakers.  Additionally, all units incorporate Cuisinart's Brew Pause® technology that stops the flow of coffee from the basket to the carafe to allow consumers to pour a cup of coffee midway through the brewing process.
Cuisinart's latest coffeemakers are designed to allow coffee enthusiasts to make the perfect cup of great-tasting coffee every time, at a fraction of the cost of store-bought java.  To that end, all three units have a gold-tone commercial-style permanent filter, as well as a charcoal water filter that removes chlorine's taste and odor from tap water for improved flavor. 
All the new Cuisinart coffeemakers feature sleek styling that will complement any kitchen.  With a compact design that saves counter space, the FlavorBrew® models are available in black or white with a stylish control panel with LED indicators. The extra large, 14-cup capacity of the new Brew Central® is perfect for households with multiple coffee drinkers, and is designed with an LED control panel and brushed chrome housing with black accents.

*statistics taken from Espresso Business Solutions

Just the Facts
Everyday Retail Price: Brew Central® 14-Cup Coffeemaker (model no. DCC-2600), $99.95
                                  FlavorBrew® 10-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker (model no. DCC-755/BK), $79.95
                                  FlavorBrew® 12-Cup Coffeemaker (model no. DCC-750/BK), $59.95
Availability:                 Immediately
Warranty:                    Limited three-year
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