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Power Advantage Hand Mixers

Stamford, CT - April 2008


April 2008



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Power Advantage™ 7-Speed Hand Mixer

Power Advantage™ 5-Speed Hand Mixer


Food for Thought:


A Multipurpose Food Prep Appliance


A hand mixer is an invaluable culinary tool in the kitchen for heavy-duty food prep tasks like mixing stiff cookie dough or aerating meringue. Today’s consumers are focused on convenience as well as performance, with multiple speeds and ease of use among their top priorities.


The new Cuisinart® Power Advantage™ 7-Speed Hand Mixer (model no. HM-70) and 5-Speed Hand Mixer (model no. HM-50) deliver high performance and functionality. The hand mixers boast 220 watts of power and an automatic feedback feature that provides an extra burst of power during strenuous mixing tasks. The Cuisinart® Power Advantage™ Hand Mixers are available in basic white with chrome accents.


What to Look for When Purchasing a Hand Mixer:


As a staple in the kitchen, hand mixers are used for a variety of culinary tasks, from mixing and whipping to beating and blending. “Cuisinart’s new hand mixers have the power to do everything from whipping delicate egg whites to blending cake batter,” says Mary Rodgers, Director of Marketing Communications for Cuisinart. “They are also perfect for more challenging tasks, like cutting through a double batch of cookie dough or butter right out of the refrigerator. With the automatic feedback feature, the hand mixer won’t get bogged down, even when tackling heavy loads.”



While many consumers tend to isolate wattage as the ultimate measure of a hand mixer’s strength, efficiency and strength are actually determined by a combination of wattage and beater design. The mixers in Cuisinart’s new collection feature elongated shaped beaters, rather than the classic bulbous shape with a center post. The extra-long beaters also provide the added benefit of self-cleaning. In addition, Cuisinart’s 7-speed hand mixer comes with a professional chef’s whisk for superior whipping and aerating.




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Speed Control:

The Cuisinart® Power Advantage™ Hand Mixers feature an easy-to-use speed control, which allows for a smooth transition when changing speeds. In addition, the 7-speed hand mixer is designed with a SmoothStart® feature, and has a motor that slowly accelerates the beaters to the desired mixing speed, so there is no splattering of ingredients. The SmoothStart® feature offers home cooks three low speed settings for mixing dry ingredients. Cuisinart’s 7-speed mixer also has a one-step power switch with a 7-speed LED display on the handle for easy viewing at all times.



The Cuisinart® Power Advantage™ Hand Mixers are designed to give consumers maximum possible power and balance when using the kitchen appliance. A stress-free grip provides extra comfort and control, even during extended mixing. In addition, the Cuisinart hand mixers have an exclusive swivel cord that makes it easy to maneuver the product, whether the user is right- or left-handed.



Cuisinart’s Power Advantage™ Hand Mixers have a smooth, sealed base, which is easy to wipe clean. They also feature a beater ejection button for convenient removal when cleaning. A spatula is included with the hand mixers as well.



Just the Facts

Everyday Retail Price:         $49.95, 7-Speed Hand Mixer (model no. HM-70)

$39.95, 5-Speed Hand Mixer (model no. HM-50)


Availability:                            Immediately

Warranty:                                Limited three-year                                  




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