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Cuisinart Espresso Makers

Stamford, CT - May 2007


Cuisinart Programmable Espresso Maker and Cuisinart Espresso Maker

Food for Thought:

Specialty coffee is tracking solid growth in the United States, according to the National Coffee Association (NCA). The NCA reports that daily consumption of specialty coffee among adults increased from nine percent in 2000 to 16 percent in 2006.   


Coffee aficionados can now be their own barista and create delicious espresso, cappuccino or latte at home. Cuisinart, the leading coffeemaker brand in both department and specialty store markets, has unveiled a new product line with commercial-quality features that enhance the taste of espresso and make preparation virtually seamless.


The new products are: the Cuisinart Programmable Espresso Maker

(model no. EM-200), with a removable 64-ounce water reservoir, and the Cuisinart Espresso Maker (model no. EM-100), with a removable 53-ounce water reservoir.


What to Look for When Purchasing an Espresso Maker:


Both espresso makers can brew one or two cups using ground espresso or pods, so consumers can tailor each demitasse to their personal preference. With the Programmable Espresso Maker, coffee lovers can select pre-programmed cup sizes at 1.5 ounces and three ounces, or they have the option to program any size they want. The programmable unit also has a separate steam function that is operated with a single button for ease of use.


The new espresso makers are designed with a commercial steam wand for cappuccinos and lattes. For extra convenience, the units also have a removable drip plate and grate for fast cleanup, and a portafilter holder with a locking mechanism that makes it easier to dispose of wet grounds.



One of the secrets to making flavorful espresso is brewing it for a shorter time, under higher pressure, than other coffee-brewing methods. Cuisinart’s new espresso makers brew with 15 bars of pressure, ensuring that each cup is as good as the last. 


The products are also designed with a warming tray on top so the serving cups won’t be chilled prior to use. Pre-heated cups help maintain an ideal temperature and preserve the foamy layer of “crema,” which is the hallmark of a great-tasting espresso.


In addition, the espresso makers come with a wide range of tools to help consumers consistently create coffee bar quality espresso. Accessories include a tamping tool with measuring scoop, stainless steel frothing cup, and cleaning pins.




Just the Facts:

Everyday Price:                     Cuisinart Programmable Espresso Maker, $399

                                                 Cuisinart Espresso Maker, $249       


Availability:                             Immediately

Warranty:                                Limited three-year


About Cuisinart:

Cuisinart, universally known for introducing the food processor in America, is a leader in culinary appliances, professional quality cookware and kitchen accessories. The company’s cutting edge reputation can be seen on numerous fronts, from industry-first products and design awards to sponsorships of culinary events and TV cooking shows.  Cuisinart manufactures a full range of products under the tagline, “Savor the Good Life®.” These products include cookware, countertop cooking appliances, blenders, stand mixers and coffeemakers, as well as food processors, toasters and toaster ovens, ice cream makers and waffle makers. Cuisinart’s website is