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Brick Ovens

Stamford, CT - May 2007

Brick Ovens

Food for Thought:

Consumers Key In on Authentic Dishes and Culinary Appliances

There are few things more fulfilling than the smell and taste of freshly baked bread, roasted vegetables, or piping hot pizza. With America’s ever-growing passion for authentic dishes and rich flavors, the demand for professional-quality kitchen appliances is greater than ever.

Cuisinart is bringing artisanal cooking to the kitchen with two new brick ovens that allow consumers to create everything from Focaccia Romana to Fresh Berry Tart. The company’s new models are the Cuisinart Brick Oven Classic (model no. BRK-100) and Brick Oven

Deluxe (model no. BRK-200) fully-functional toaster oven/broilers that bake, broil and toast. The Brick Oven Deluxe also has a convection feature, which can cook foods up to 30% faster than conventional ovens. From toasting English muffins to broiling lobster tails and baking quiche, Cuisinart’s brick ovens offer consumers options for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Brick Oven:

Cuisinart’s new brick ovens deliver 1700 watts of power and are capable of reaching 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The products are designed with authentic brick interiors that raise the intensity and consistency of the heat, which translates to restaurant-quality results like crispier crusts for pies and pastry, and browner, juicier meats. 

The brick ovens have nearly one cubic foot of interior cooking space so they are able to accommodate a whole 12” pizza or a 5-pound chicken.

At the core of Cuisinart’s Brick Oven construction is the brick interior, which ensures that the internal temperature is maintained throughout the cooking process. In addition to the brick inserts that are permanently built into the sides of the oven, each oven has a removable baking stone that absorbs excess moisture and distributes heat evenly. This is especially good news for pizza lovers, since the end result is a delicious pizza parlor crust that strikes the perfect balance between a crispy, golden exterior and chewy, tender interior.

Cuisinart’s Brick Oven Series also provides a solution for several domestic challenges - like limited kitchen or oven space when entertaining a crowd. Each unit comes with two racks for multi-level cooking. For added convenience, the ovens have a nonstick coating that covers the areas without bricks to facilitate easy cleanup. Other user-friendly features include a baking/broiling pan with drip tray, and a slide-out crumb tray.  The brick ovens also come with a Cuisinart Test Kitchen recipe book that highlights a variety of appetizers, entrées, breads, and desserts.

Each oven has industrial style brushed stainless steel housing, for an attractive look when displayed on the countertop. In addition, the oven’s tinted glass door makes a complementary design statement.

Just the Facts:

Everyday Price:                                            Brick Oven Deluxe, $249

                                                                        Brick Oven Classic, $199


Availability:                                                    Immediately

Warranty:                                                       Three-year limited


About Cuisinart:
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