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12" Stainless Rectangular Buffet Server

Stamford, CT - March 2007

12” Stainless Rectangular Buffet Server

Food for Thought…

Whether it’s the holidays or a large gathering for family or friends, the art of multi-tasking plays a central role for a host or hostess. Both preparation and presentation are key ingredients to a successful home entertaining experience.

The Cuisinart 12” Stainless Rectangular Buffet Server (model no. 7BSRT-31) addresses the core entertaining needs of consumers, making cooking and serving virtually a seamless process.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Buffet Server:

Cuisinart’s new buffet server is designed with 18/10 stainless steel for superior performance and durability.  Its aluminum encapsulated base provides quick, even heat distribution for consistent results. 

Home chefs can create meals on their stovetop, finish them in the oven, and serve them on the table – without changing the pan.  For example, a classic dish like osso buco is easily prepared by browning the veal shanks on the stovetop, adding vegetables, herbs, spices and broth, and then slowly cooking the dish for the remainder of the time in the oven.  With just a garnish of chopped parsley and freshly grated lemon zest, the dish can be served at the table and is ready to eat. 

The buffet server has a 12-inch, 5-quart rectangular buffet pan with a stainless warming stand - perfect for entrées and desserts. Whether consumers are preparing food for a family dinner or a formal sit-down with friends, Cuisinart’s new server is ideally suited for a variety of venues at home.


The Cuisinart rectangular server comes with six tea light candles that are easily inserted into the stainless steel warming stand to provide enough heat to keep the food warm for hours.  From casseroles to chocolate crumb cake, the new product keeps food at a perfect serving temperature. Cuisinart’s buffet server also features a tempered glass cover that keeps food fresh and allows consumers to monitor the amount left in the dish.  The buffet pan and glass lid are dishwasher-safe for added convenience.

Cuisinart’s buffet server is designed with wide stainless steel handles that ensure stability when transporting it from one area in the kitchen to the next.

The Cuisinart 12” Stainless Rectangular Buffet Server fills a solid niche in the company’s existing product collection. Other buffet servers from the company are: a 13-½-inch oval covered au gratin pan with warming stand and a 2-½-quart capacity (model no. 7BSO-34), and an 11-inch stainless round covered casserole with warming stand and 3-quart capacity (model no. 7BSR-28). All three cookware pieces are ideal for serving a variety of entrées, casseroles and side dishes.

Just the Facts:

Everyday Price:                                 $59.95

Availability:                                        Immediately

Warranty:                                           Limited lifetime 


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