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2-lb. Convection Bread Maker

2-lb. Convection Bread Maker

September 2005 Food for Thought:

The History of Bread
As early as 1000 B.C., the Egyptians introduced yeast into their bread baking culture, which previously consisted of flat, unleavened bread. This newly found technique became quite popular and it is believed that up to thirty varieties of bread may have existed in ancient Egypt. Later, the Greeks learned this culinary practice from the Egyptians and with the expansion of the Greek empire, the practice of bread making spread until it was commonplace throughout Europe.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Bread Machine:

Bread machines have become popular because they take the guesswork out of bread baking. Many of the elements that are critical to successful bread making are also quite tenuous: temperature, timing and the amount of air incorporated into the dough. The Cuisinart 2-lb. Convection Bread Maker (model no. CBK-200) gives consumers more control over these factors and since the bread can be kneaded in the machine instead of on the countertop, there is also less cleanup.

The Cuisinart Bread Maker has three exclusive settings for specialty breads, including Artisan, Gluten Free and Low Carb. The Artisan Dough option takes basic bread dough through several long, slow cool rises in order to recreate the characteristics of hand-crafted loaves with their chewy textures and rustic crusts. Consumers concerned about health issues or food allergies will appreciate the Gluten Free and Low Carb settings. Home chefs can get a variety of ideas from Cuisinart's recipe book, which is included with the bread maker.

Classic lines and brushed stainless steel housing embossed with the Cuisinart logo distinguish the exterior of Cuisinart's 2-lb Convection Bread Maker.

Key Features:

  • Convection -- Cuisinart's superior engineering delivers 650 watts of power and a special convection feature that circulates air for superior crust color and texture.

  • Programmable -- The Cuisinart 2-lb. Convection Bread Maker is fully programmable with 16 preprogrammed menu choices that offer consumers over 100 bread, dough, and sweet cake options. The new bread machine also enables home chefs to select from three crust colors and three different loaf sizes. For instance, home chefs can choose from white, whole wheat or multi-grain bread, pizza dough and focaccia.

  • Timer -- The Cuisinart Bread Maker is virtually foolproof, automatically adjusting the timing for consistent results. The machine has an audible tone that indicates when it's time to add fruit, nuts or other "mix-ins", and another tone that signals the option of removing the paddle before baking or removing the unbaked dough to shape by hand. The machine also has a 15-minute pause option and 12-hour delay start timer.

  • Bake Only -- This feature gives home chefs the ability to knead and shape dough by hand, if they prefer, while still taking advantage of the bread machine's ability to control the baking environment. It can also be used for quick breads like banana bread and Johnny cake.

  • Jam Cycle -- This feature allows home chefs to make fresh jam using fruit, sugar and pectin just like Grandma, but without all the mess.

  • Power Failure Cycle Backup -- This backup allows the machine to recall where it was in the cycling mode at the time of a power outage of less than 15 minutes.

Just the Facts:

Suggested Retail Price: $150
Availability: September 2005
Warranty: Limited three-year

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