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Private Reserve™ Wine Cellar

Private Reserve™ Wine Cellar

September 2005 Food for Thought:
The Importance of Proper Wine Storage
Proper wine storage is critical for both everyday drinking and long-term aging, according to Le Cordon Bleu Wine Essentials (published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.). "How you keep your wine affects how it develops in the bottle, both in terms of how soon the wine becomes ready to drink and how the wine's components (acidity, tannin, and fruit) develop and integrate," the book states. Key factors to consider for proper wine storage include temperature, humidity, light, ventilation, stability and position.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Wine Cellar:

Temperature Control:
Perhaps the single most important area to focus on when storing wine is temperature. While extremely high temperatures accelerate the maturation process and can even lead to evaporation under the worst environmental conditions, extreme lows in temperature can put wine at risk for freezing. To ensure the best tasting wine, it should be kept at a constant temperature, somewhere between 50-59 degrees Fahrenheit (10-15 degrees Celsius). The Cuisinart Private Reserve™ Wine Cellar (model no. CWC-900) has an electronic thermostat that guarantees wines are stored at an ideal serving temperature, regardless of their variety. In addition, the cellar has a LED readout that allows consumers to monitor the temperature at all times. Regardless of storage conditions, wines should be arranged with whites and ros鳠at the bottom and reds at the top, recommends Le Cordon Bleu's wine experts.

The Cuisinart Private Reserve™ Wine Cellar holds nine bottles horizontally and two vertically. The cellar's three removable chrome racks are designed to hold either 750 ml or 1500 ml bottles. When storing wines for longer than a few days, experts recommend that the bottles are stored in a horizontal position so that the wine comes in contact with the cork. This keeps the cork moist and prevents oxidation that can render a wine unworthy of consumption, a factor that
is especially important with regard to red wines since they are often aged over a period of months or years before drinking.

Wine should be stored where it will encounter little or no vibration since movement can have a deteriorating affect on wine. The Cuisinart Private Reserve™ Wine Cellar incorporates thermoelectric cooling technology that eliminates vibration and noise because it operates without the use of a compressor. This factor also makes the cellar quieter than other models on the market.

The Cuisinart Wine Cellar incorporates several important convenience factors, including a patented program with eight presets for proper serving and storage temperatures. In addition, the cellar has the ability to switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius and the temperature can be manually adjusted if desired. An added benefit is the cellar's lightweight construction and compact size as it only takes up the space of a 16-inch cube. When the consumer wishes to relocate the wine cellar, it is a hassle-free process.

The Cuisinart Private Reserve™ Wine Cellar boasts traditional stainless styling and the option for soft interior lighting. A double-paned tinted window allows for selections to be carefully considered without opening the cellar door.

Just the Facts:
Suggested Retail Price: $260
Availability: September 2005
Warranty: Limited three-year

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