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Traditional Waffle Irons

Traditional Waffle Irons

March 2005 Traditional Waffle Iron (WAF-R)
6-Slice Traditional Waffle Iron (WAF-6)
Waffle Dippers™ (DIP-8)

Food for Thought:

Eating at Home is on the Rise
"The majority of today's consumers are spending more time at home eating and entertaining with family and friends," according to a research study published in HomeWorld Business magazine's HomeWorld Forecast 2004.
This trend is impacting not only what foods we eat, but the way we prepare them and even when we're consuming them. For example, traditional favorites such as waffles are not just for breakfast any more. They are gaining increased popularity as a refreshing alternative for dessert, snacks and even entr饳. Home chefs can choose from any number of recipes, from sausage and cheese waffles for breakfast to chocolate banana waffles for dessert. When serving, consumers can make their dishes even more interesting with specialty syrups and sauces, as well as fillings.

Features to look for when buying a waffle maker

All three of Cuisinart's new waffle irons have product features designed to deliver consistent results, no matter how many batches of waffles you are preparing. A green indicator light illuminates when the waffle iron has reached the proper temperature for baking and also when the waffles are "ready to eat." In addition, an audible tone signals when it's time to fill the waffle iron and when it's time to remove the baked waffles. A six-setting browning control allows consumers to customize their waffle preferences from light to dark.

Cuisinart's waffle makers have brushed stainless steel housing and are embossed with the Cuisinart logo. Their streamlined design is also highly practical; for instance, a slightly flared base catches overflow before it hits the counter.

Consumers can choose to prepare one large round traditional waffle with the WAF-R or six full-size waffles with the WAF-6. With Cuisinart's Waffle Dippers, home chefs can prepare eight waffle sticks, broadening the definition of waffles from an all-American breakfast food to an "all-day" finger-food of choice.
"The introduction of our Waffle Dippers is in direct response to the fact that more kids are cooking in the kitchen," says Mary Rodgers, Director of Marketing Communications for Cuisinart. "Besides spending quality time with their parents, kids can actually learn valuable lessons from cooking." According to Cooking with Kids from, "Cooking is fertile ground for all sorts of learning, be it the hands-on skills of chopping and mixing, the brainwork of reading a recipe and measuring, adding, subtracting and multiplying, or the social skills of cooperation."

A red "power on" indicator light stays on while the unit is engaged. A locking latch keeps the unit closed while baking and for storage. The nonstick baking plates allow for preparation with a minimal amount of added fat. They also make removal easy and aid in cleanup. A convenient cord wrap is located under the base. All of the waffle makers can stand on end, an advantage for consumers with limited storage space in the kitchen.

The Traditional Waffle Iron and 6-slice Traditional Waffle Iron both have stay-cool handles that are integrated into the base of the appliance. Cuisinart Waffle Dippers™ also feature kid-friendly, stay-cool housing for additional safety and convenience; waffles can even be cooked right at the table.

Other Features:
The Cuisinart Waffle Dippers™ also come with a Dipping Station that includes three microwaveable dipping cups for warming syrup and sauces.

Just the Facts:
Suggested Retail Prices:
6-Slice Traditional Waffle Iron $120
Waffle Dippers $ 80
Traditional Waffle Iron $ 60
Availability: Immediately
Warranty: Limited three-year

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