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PartyPop™ Popcorn Maker

PartyPop™ Popcorn Maker

September 2005 Food for Thought:
The Popularity of Popcorn
Americans consume 17 billion quarts of popped popcorn each year and the average person consumes about 54 quarts, according to, the Popcorn Board's full-service website about popcorn and its history. According to the website, the earliest usage for wild corn was popping. In addition, archaeological evidence illustrates the significance of popcorn in 16th century Aztec culture, where it was used for food as well as ceremonial purposes, including the adornment of headdresses, necklaces and statuary.

Today, popcorn is especially popular because of its nutritious value. It is a delicious source of whole grain and is high in fiber and low in fat.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Popcorn Maker:

The Cuisinart PartyPop™ Hot Oil Popcorn Maker (model no. CPM-800) has a motorized stirring mechanism that allows for greater efficiency when popping. As a result, there are fewer unpopped kernels remaining at the end of the popping process. This stirring mechanism also eliminates scorching because it keeps the kernels constantly "on the move." Another significant feature is that the popcorn pops right into a clear plastic bowl and then flips over to serve.

The Cuisinart PartyPop™ Popcorn Maker holds up to a half cup of kernels and uses less than one tablespoon of oil to yield ten cups of freshly popped corn in less than five minutes. As a result, the product is great for entertaining -- whether it's for large parties or more intimate gatherings.

The Cuisinart PartyPop™ Popcorn Maker is also easy to clean. Both the bowl and the stick-free popping plate are removable and dishwasher safe.

Cuisinart's popcorn maker has an auto shutoff feature that ensures the heater will turn off when the popping is complete. In addition, the machine has cool-touch handles for easy handling.

The PartyPop™ features an elegant brushed stainless base with red accents and is embossed with the Cuisinart logo.

Just the Facts:

Suggested Retail Price: $80

Availability: October 2005

Warranty: Limited three-year

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