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12-cup and 4-cup Percolators

September 2005 Food for Thought:

How to Brew a Great Cup of Coffee When Using a Percolator:
The taste of coffee is a highly personal matter for consumers, along with the type of coffee brewed and the brewing method preferred. One brewing method with a strong loyal following is percolated coffee, which brews coffee by bringing the water to just below boiling so that the gravitational action draws the water up the tube and filters it through the grounds.

Die-hard percolator fans remain convinced that the flavor they love cannot be duplicated with any other brewing method.

According to, a website that follows coffee market trends, the recommended ratio for brewing is two tablespoons of coffee per six to eight ounces of water. The experts recommend using filtered water or spring water because tap water often imparts "off flavors" to the coffee. They also discourage the use of distilled water because retaining some minerals is an essential factor in achieving optimum coffee flavor.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Percolator:

The Cuisinart 12-Cup Classic Percolator (model no. PRC-12) offers a variety of convenience features, including a transparent knob on the percolator lid that allows consumers to monitor the progress of the brew cycle. Other product benefits include a precision no-drip spout with a long, tapered design that pours without spilling. A "ready" indicator light signals when the coffee is ready to serve.

The Cuisinart percolator has the ability to brew four to twelve cups of coffee, so it's great for everyday use as well as entertaining. There is also a smaller size version available -- Cuisinart 4-cup Classic Percolator (model no. PRC-4), which brews two to four cups of coffee.

Cuisinart's new percolator has a stay-cool bottom that sits safely on any surface without scarring it. The detachable cord allows for easy removal before cleaning.

The coffeemaker has a mirror finish and stainless steel housing that reflects classic styling while ensuring durability. In addition, the coffeemaker's stay-cool handle delivers a comfortable grip and extra stability when pouring.

Just the Facts:
Suggested Retail Price:
$90, PRC-12
$80, PRC-4

Availability: September 2005
Warranty: Limited three-year

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