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Cuisinart® Expands Cutlery Collection with New Block Set and Product Lines

STAMFORD, CT - May 2003 Cuisinart, a leading producer of culinary appliances and professional quality cookware, has expanded its Cuisinart® Cutlery Collection with an innovative, contemporary 14-piece Block Set and two new lines--Continental Black Matte and Ultra Edge Collections. The new products will debut at retail later this year.

Cuisinart's contemporary 14-piece Cutlery Set is designed to hold the following pieces: 8" chef, 8" bread, 8" slicer, 4.5" straight utility, 3.5" parer, 10" steel, six steak knives, all purpose kitchen shears, and includes the storage block itself. The storage block is a well-crafted combination of stainless steel and ABS-molded durable plastic and provides safe, accessible cutlery storage. The block features fresh, modern styling and will add sophistication to any kitchen décor. The new storage block is available in stainless steel with a choice of accent colors for the ABS cap: black, dark blue, brass, silver, dark gray and white. In addition, the storage block is weighted and has a non-skid base to ensure the block will protect countertops and remain securely in place.

Cuisinart's Continental Black Matte Collection offers a variety of distinctive product features. The blades are made from heavy gauge, high carbon molybdenum steel and offer superior chopping and cutting performance. In addition, the knives have a chromium content of 18%, which guarantees the highest level of resistance to rust, stain and corrosion. A Rockwell hardness of 56 enables the blades to maintain their razor sharp edges longer, even with constant use. The handles are ergonomically designed with a nonslip grip for comfort and ease of use, and are perfectly weighted for optimum balance and control.

The Continental Black Matte handles have steel accents and are made of durable Dupont Delrin®. The handles feature design elements that tie in with the sophisticated "city urban" style found in Cuisinart appliances, and therefore allow retailers to easily incorporate the cutlery collection into their existing merchandising programs for Cuisinart.

Cuisinart's Ultra Edge Collection is made from high carbon molybdenum steel and has a chromium content of 18%, which guarantees lasting luster. Inspired by the fine art of Asian cooking, Ultra Edge knives feature extremely sharp and thin blades for optimum cutting performance. Cuisinart's Ultra Edge line also features an exceptionally light, comfortable grip that makes slicing, dicing and carving virtually effortless. The Ultra Edge Collection has satin stainless handles and contains several Asian inspired specialty pieces capitalizing on the current trend in Asian cooking.

All Cuisinart® Cutlery is available in open stock pieces, with their own reusable locking storage cases (with the exception of the sharpening steel and the cleaver). The cutlery also comes in six, eight and 14-piece hardwood block sets, as well as gift sets. The storage block included with the hardwood block sets comes in both natural and black. Cuisinart® Cutlery is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Suggested Retail:
$266, 14-piece Contemporary Block Set (for Continental Black Matte or Ultra Edge Collection)
$133, 6-piece set (for Continental Black Matte or Ultra Edge Collection)
$200, 8-piece set (for Continental Black Matte or Ultra Edge Collection)

14-piece Contemporary Block Set -- Fall 2003
Continental Black Matte -- Immediately
Ultra Edge Collection -- Immediately

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Cuisinart Cutlery® is licensed and manufactured by Lifetime Hoan Corporation, a leading designer, marketer and distributor of household cutlery, kitchenware, cutting boards, pantryware, and bakeware. Through the use of various brand names, Lifetime Hoan's products are distributed through almost every major retailer in the U.S. Lifetime Hoan's website is