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Cuisinart EasyPop Plus™ Popcorn Maker

Popcorn Makers Enjoy a Resurgence in Home Entertaining

Stamford, CT - March 2011


March 2011

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EasyPop Plus™ Popcorn Maker

Food For Thought: 

Popcorn Makers Enjoy a Resurgence in Home Entertaining

According to 2011’s HomeWorld Forecast*, “When economic or lifestyle shifts bring people back home to gather around the television, the kitchen table or the game board, popcorn is almost always a guest at the table.  With the current economy keeping people at home in droves, popcorn poppers are once again finding favor on retail shelves and in shoppers’ carts.”  In listing Popcorn Makers as a hot category for 2011, the forecast also noted that “…countertop poppers are currently on the rise.”

Cuisinart is introducing a countertop popcorn maker that goes beyond traditional products in the category by allowing users to pop, mix and serve flavored popcorn at the flick of a switch.  The EasyPop Plus™ Popcorn Maker (model no. CPM-950) can easily mix in caramel, butter and salt, grated cheese, melted chocolate and many other add-ins, making up to ten cups of delicious regular or flavored popcorn in less than five minutes.     

What to Look for When Purchasing a Popcorn Maker:


Cuisinart’s EasyPop Plus™ Popcorn Maker has a motorized mixing paddle that stirs kernels as the unit’s popper plate heats. Two teaspoons of cooking oil must be added to the plate prior to activating the popcorn maker, which will then perfectly pop up to ten cups of popcorn.  Popcorn can be served immediately if no flavoring is being added, or consumers can add toppings through the top of the unit.  Butter and thin liquid toppings, such as olive oil and soy sauce, can be added through its shaker side; and thicker liquids, like caramel and chocolate, can be added through the slotted side. It takes only 30 to 45 seconds for add-ins to be thoroughly combined with the popcorn.


The new, generously-sized popcorn maker is ideal for entertaining, whether it’s for large parties or more intimate gatherings.  The product comes with a measuring cup that makes it simple to determine the perfect amount of kernels and toppings, and the unit’s ten-cup bowl (into which popcorn directly pops) can be turned over and used to serve guests.


The Cuisinart EasyPop Plus™ is also easy to clean. The unit’s serving bowl, popping plate, measuring cup, two-sided flavor chute and mixing paddle are all removable, fully immersible and dishwasher safe.


The EasyPop Plus™ Popcorn Maker features an attractive brushed stainless base with white accents and is embossed with the Cuisinart logo.  The unit is also available with black accents.

Just the Facts:

Everyday Retail Price:              $79.95

Availability:                               July 2011

Warranty:                                  Limited three-year

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