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Cuisinart Blend and Cook Soup Maker

Cuisinart Unites Blending and Cooking in One Innovative Product

Stamford, CT - March 2011



March 2011

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Blend and Cook Soup Maker

Food for Thought:

Cuisinart Unites Blending and Cooking in One Innovative Product

Soup is one of the most diverse and beloved dishes in a home cook’s repertoire, and has been a staple of kitchens around the world for centuries.  Traditionally, soups of all kinds are prepared in stages: chopping vegetables, slicing meats, prepping and measuring herbs and spices, and of course, actually cooking the soup.  Now, consumers can do all of this – even cooking – in the new Cuisinart Blend and Cook Soup Maker (model no. SBC-1000).  This innovative new blender utilizes patented technology that allows for cooking and stirring ingredients, which allows permits fresh homemade soup to be prepared from start to finish: the nonstick heater plate can be used to sauté ingredients, simmer and even boil soups, all of which can then be blended to the perfect consistency with the touch of a button.  In addition, the blender is ideally suited for more traditional tasks like crushing ice and blending smoothies and cocktails.

“Cuisinart is proud to introduce this exciting new blender, and to once again change the way consumers think about preparing meals at home,” says Mary Rodgers, Director of Marketing Communications for Cuisinart.  “The Blend and Cook Soup Maker is ahead of the curve, as it addresses a need for expediency in the kitchen and offers a level of performance and convenience that is unrivaled in the category.”

What to Look for When Purchasing a Blender:


Cuisinart’s Blend and Cook Soup Maker has numerous features that allow home cooks to make any soup, chowder or stew quickly and efficiently.  The blender has 900-watts of cooking power (with the blender alone, without the heater, being able to achieve a maximum of 500-watts) and a thermal, shock-resistant glass blending/cooking jar with a sturdy, wide-mouth design.  This unique blender jar can hold 48 ounces of hot liquids and 56 ounces of cold liquids, with markings for each clearly visible on the jar itself.  The unit’s electronic touchpad controls allow users to choose speeds from one to four (one to three only for blending hot ingredients) and pulse ingredients to the desired consistency.  The blender also has a countdown timer that can be set for up to 30 minutes in one-minute increments.  In addition, a leak-proof rubber gasket holds the blender jar snugly in position for safe operation.


Aside from the ability to cook ingredients, the Blend and Cook Soup Maker has other significant design elements as well.  The unit has high, medium and low temperature settings to ensure that any type of soup is brought to the proper cooking and serving temperature, as well as a stir function that gently agitates ingredients as they cook.  The Blend and Cook Soup Maker is also designed with a nonstick interior and is equipped with high-quality stainless steel blades and slip-proof feet that prevent movement during use.  Additionally, all parts of the blender that come in contact with food are BPA-free.


Cuisinart’s new blender offers a bevy of convenience features, including an easy-to-read LED 30-minute countdown timer to allow for perfect timing, whether preparing a light carrot and ginger soup or a hearty corn and clam chowder.  The blender also has a press-on lid with a tight-fitting seal to prevent leakage, which is equipped with vents to allow steam to escape during the cooking process.  Additionally, the lid includes a removable measuring cup that allows home cooks to measure up to three ounces of ingredients to add through the lid opening created by the removal of the measuring cup.  For added convenience, a heavy-duty cleaning brush is included to aid in cleaning the heater plate and blades.  Lastly, all removable parts of the unit are dishwasher safe.

Just the Facts

Everyday Retail Price:                       $199

Availability:                                        Currently exclusive to Williams-Sonoma

                                                           Available nationally in June 2011

Warranty:                                           Limited three-year

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