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Cuisinart’s Mary Rodgers Addresses the Vital Nature of Social Media at the 10th Annual Shopper Insights in Action Conference

Stamford, CT - July 2010


July 2010

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Cuisinart’s Mary Rodgers Addresses the Vital Nature of Social Media at the 10th Annual Shopper Insights in Action Conference

Stamford, CT – Mary Rodgers, Director of Marketing Communications for Cuisinart and Waring, recently gave a presentation entitled, “The Power of Social Media: Driving Shoppers to Retail, from First Point of Contact to Point of Sale,” at the 2010 Shopper Insights in Action (SIA) Conference in Chicago.  The conference, organized by The Institute for International Research (IIR), is dedicated to understanding consumer behavior, the shopping environment and the correlation that exists between them. 

Rodgers’ presentation focused on Cuisinart’s utilization of social media to drive retail growth, and delved into the broad range of the company’s activities within mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, retailer websites, the blogosphere and viral video. 

“Traditional marketing focuses on what brands attempt to portray to consumers. Social media allows consumers to tell brands about themselves, while simultaneously increasing brand awareness by promoting interaction and a sense of community,” said Rodgers, addressing hundreds of colleagues at Chicago’s Marriott Downtown. 

Rodgers also emphasized the importance of selecting the right outlets on which to focus.  “Involvement in too many sites diminishes efforts by overextending resources; choose the venues with significant market penetration most relevant to your customer base,” she explained.  Additionally, Rodgers stressed the importance of maintaining a firm understanding of new technologies, so that companies are ready to act when a new medium or application appears.  By doing so, a brand remains fresh and top-of-mind, which only serves to increase exposure and ultimately, retail sales. 

An example of this last point cited in the presentation related to Facebook’s introduction of the “recommend” button, and Cuisinart’s immediate implementation of it to all online product presence controlled by the company.  The “recommend” button allows consumers to instantly post their affinity for a particular product, story or other item to their Facebook page, which is then viewable by everyone within that person’s network of Facebook friends, making it an invaluable means of promoting product.

This is only one example of the in-depth analysis and multiple case studies that comprised Rodgers’ presentation, which detailed all of the company’s social media initiatives.  Larry Mcmanis of ThinkWay Strategies, LLC, who was in attendance at Rodgers’ presentation, blogged about it that same day, saying, “It's refreshing to hear a presentation from someone in a non-social media industry who really ‘gets’ the use of social media (SM) for their business and how to leverage it as part of their marketing mix. Cuisinart is a leader in the housewares industry, with the top market share position in numerous product categories. Based on the presentation today, Cuisinart gets some of those results from the effective use of SM.”

For more information on Mary Rodgers’ presentation, or if you would like to speak with her directly about social media trends, contact Rachel Litner at 973.994.5167 or    

About Mary Rodgers:

Mary Rodgers has more than 20 years of solid experience in the housewares and tabletop industry, 14 of which have been with Cuisinart. As Director of Marketing Communications for Cuisinart and Waring, she is responsible for the company’s social media programs and web based marketing, consumer and trade advertising, public relations activities, consumer promotions and company sponsorships. She also heads up Cuisinart’s National Bridal Program, which encompasses everything from speaking engagements, training seminars and product presentations to cooking demonstrations at retail stores across the country. Under her leadership, Cuisinart has received numerous prestigious awards and continues to be a trusted and leading brand among consumers.

Rodgers is an active member in numerous community and industry associations, such as the Association of National Advertisers, the James Beard Foundation, the International Housewares Association, and the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP). She graduated from D’Youville College in Buffalo, New York, with a Bachelors degree in English, and is completing an additional degree in business, management and economics at The State University of New York.

About Cuisinart:

Cuisinart, universally known for introducing the food processor in America, is a leader in culinary appliances, professional quality cookware and kitchen accessories. The company’s cutting edge reputation can be seen on numerous fronts, from industry-first products and design awards to sponsorships of culinary events and TV cooking shows. Cuisinart manufactures a full range of products under the tagline, “Savor the Good Life®.” These products include cookware, countertop cooking appliances, blenders, stand mixers and coffeemakers, as well as food processors, toasters and toaster ovens, ice cream makers and waffle makers. For more information, please visit Cuisinart’s websites:,, and