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The Cuisinart® Essential 4-Piece Grilling Tool Set Set features the Chef's Spatula, the Professional Grill Tongs, the Oversized Grill Knife and the Master Cleaning Brush. This deluxe set covers the entire grill - with all the tools necessary to turn, grab, serve and cut any delicious foods you put on the grill.


  • 4-Piece grilling tool set
  • Chef's Spatula includes Serrated edge for slicing meat
  • Integrated bottle opener
  • Grease channels for healthier grilling
  • Professional Grill Tongs include Extra wide notched gripping surface
  • Integrated scooper for vegetables and sauces
  • Master Cleaning Brush designed with extra wide cleaning surface
  • Integrated hook for deep cleaning and lifting grates
  • Multiple scraping notches for various grate widths
  • Rotating brush head allows for more cleanings before replacement
  • Grill Knife designed with oversized handle to keep hands away from heat
  • Makes cutting portions and checking meat doneness easy
  • Protective leather sleeve
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Essential 4 Piece Grilling Tool Set
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