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Bring out that flame-grilled flavor everyone loves with the Cuisinart® Preseasoned Cast Iron Grilling Platter. Not only do the innovative flavor slots remove excess fats and grease for healthier meals, they also enhance the natural taste of your foods as they grill over open flame. The cast iron platter is preseasoned for a natural nonstick surface that is easy to clean and also creates incredible heat dispersion to cook everything evenly. The platter nestles into the wooden serving tray so that you can impress your guests and serve your sizzling hot food right to the table. 


  • Preseasoned cast iron grilling surface
  • Large grilling surface ideal for fish, seafood and vegetables
  • Natural non-stick grilling surface
  • Easy clean-up
  • Flavor slots designed to remove excess grease and fat while enhancing grilled flavor
  • Superior heat dispersion grills food evenly
  • Wooden serving tray and cast aluminum handles make serving food easy
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Preseasoned Cast Iron Grilling Platter Set
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