Discontinued Hot Dog Roller


Kids love grilled hot dogs, but when their dogs get served blackened and charred the smiles go away. The Cuisinart® Hot Dog Roller ensures that all your hot dogs come out perfectly - evenly cooked and just how the kids like them. Just load up to five hot dogs onto the roller and place on the grill. The rollers keep the dogs elevated off the dirty grill grate, and keep charring flames away from the hot dog surface. When time to turn the dogs, simply grab the handle and slide the roller forward a bit. Every dog comes out perfectly. And when it's time to serve your food, use the elongated wood handle to remove the roller from the grill. The dogs stay put - with no chance of rolling off the grill and onto your dirty patio. Smiles for all the kids...and parents, too.
Color: Stainless Steel
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