Cuisinart® Coffee Bar™ /
Coffe Bar

Cuisinart® Coffee Bar™

In keeping with our tradition of coffee making excellence, we are proud to introduce Cuisinart® Coffee Bar™ coffee. Each capsule is filled with our own brand of select varieties of 100% Arabica gourmet coffee. The unique EcoCup™ design makes it quick and easy to recycle used capsules, which helps make the world a little nicer place to enjoy a great cup of coffee!

Cuisinart® Coffee Bar™ capsules are compatible with our SS-5NC, SS-10, and SS-15 coffeemakers, as well as K-Cup compatible coffeemakers.

Medium Roast

Balanced, yet complex flavor profile, rich toasty caramel aroma
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Dark Roast

Robust and full bodied with a chocolaty aroma
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French Vanilla

Velvety smooth vanilla flavor and a lovely aroma
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EcoCup™ Technology

Our capsules feature EcoCup™ technology, allowing the cup to be
recycled in 3 simple steps!


Capsule is still hot after brewing. Allow to cool before peeling.


Locate tab on the lip of the pod. Peel off used filter and discard.


Outer cups can be collected with your other recyclables where #6 plastics are accepted.