In Season: Pears
Sep 6, 2011 | Posted by Marisa McClellan
Pears aren’t as eye-catchingly glossy, but they grab my attention far more than apples. They have a certain culinary humility and lack of flash that makes them good players in baked goods and preserves. Pears also dress up better than apples ever can, achieving easy sophistication simmered in honeyed wine or baked into an elegant tart. Read More
An End of Summer Feast
Sep 2, 2011 | Posted by Marisa McClellan
The secret to end-of-season party planning is keeping it easy. No need for complicated cocktails or loads of decorations. It really helps that there’s so much amazing food in season right now. Here are some ideas to celebrate the labor of summer’s fruits (and vegetables). Read More
Tummy Time
Aug 29, 2011 | Posted by Jessica Shyba
Along with all of the other various trials that come with having your first baby, tummy time proved to be the first that challenged my instincts as a new parent. It seemed as though just at the moment when we got to know each other, I needed to place my son into this awkward position on the ground that made him more than a little uncomfortable. Read More
Preserving Tomatoes: Tomato Ginger Jam
Aug 23, 2011 | Posted by Winnie Abramson
Ever since I started growing my own tomatoes, I looked forward to making tomato jam each summer. I make all sorts of salads, salsas, and sauces, too, but there's just something magical about this jam: the spices and the ginger make it reminiscent of an Indian chutney, but it's thick, perfectly sweet, and spreadable. Read More
Tomatillos: Salsa Verde
Aug 18, 2011 | Posted by Ethan Adeland
Show me someone who has never heard of salsa verde (green salsa) and I will show you someone who will fall in love with the taste of it as soon as they give it a try. Read More
Cold Peach & Mint Soup
Aug 16, 2011 | Posted by Ethan Adeland
I know, I know, cold soups aren't for everyone. But I've found that most people don't like the idea of a cold soup because they haven't actually tried it. Read More
Save It for a Rainy Day
Aug 11, 2011 | Posted by Rebecca Marber
The other day as the sun crept behind the clouds, I could tell a storm was about to break loose. Most were troubled by this interruption of summer weather; however, I couldn’t help but welcome a night of relaxation. I cozied up onto the couch and flipped through some channels. However, I quickly realized that something was missing: the smell of fresh baked goods to replace the cold air taking over my apartment. Read More
Summer Road Trips
Aug 2, 2011 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
In a few weeks, we’ll embark on our annual family vacation to Cape Cod. This is a trip my husband and I have been making for some 16 years, and the way we get there has certainly changed since children came into our lives. Read More
Corn on the Cob 101
Jul 30, 2011 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
Farmers’ markets were not a full-time affair growing up, so in the off-season, most of our vegetables came from a can. Come summertime, though, I remember by mom rifling through mounds of fresh-picked corn on the cob. She’d gently pull back the husks to peek at the top kernels, making sure it was worth the asking price. Try doing that today, and your friendly farmer may start giving you the evil eye. Read More
Got Water?
Jul 26, 2011 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
A dip in the pool seems the perfect cure for summer’s scorching temperatures, but water’s refreshing effects extend far beyond a few laps. Staying hydrated is especially important when kids are running around outdoors. Read More