Teething Troubles
Teething Troubles
May 7, 2013 • Posted by Jennifer Perillo

A funny thing happened on the way to the market…
A friend’s 20-month old daughter loves chowing down on raw onions as if they're apples. When I asked how she picked up such a peculiar habit, she said it just happened one day. Then she told me she’d heard onions have a numbing quality and suspected that is why her teething sweetie got hooked. Turns out onions, part of the ailium family, are a natural antiseptic, but they’re also a diuretic. I imagine her daughter’s addiction is causing quite a stir, if you get my drift.

Truth is, teething is a fact of life and a big part of your little one’s journey from baby to toddler. Think of the wonderful world of foods they will soon discover. Painful as the “breaking in” period may be for them, it can also feel insurmountable to sleep-deprived parents. While there is no magic cure-all, take heart in knowing that this too is a just a phase — and one with a more defined ending, unlike those teen years on the horizon. In the meantime, make a batch of these all-natural fruit smoothie pops for a cool treat that’s sure to add a smile for baby to showcase her new-found chompers.

Just Peachy Smoothies
Serves 2

1 cup banana, cut into chunks (about two small or one large)
1 cup frozen strawberries
1 cup frozen peach slices
6 ounces juice, such as apple or orange

Add all ingredients to the blender bowl attachment of your Cuisinart Stand Mixer. Blend until combined and smooth. Add more juice for a thinner consistency, or less for thicker smoothies. This recipe is also perfect for ice pops—see below.

Fly Me to the Moon Pops
I was inspired to make these ice pops after buying Tovolo's rocket ship pop molds in my local cooking supply store. They're a fun treat for breakfast and a tasty way to take baby’s mind off her teething woes.
Serves six

Make one batch of your favorite smoothie recipe. Pour into ice pop molds and place in freezer. Let set six hours or overnight before serving.

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