A Delicious Way to Beat the Blues
A Delicious Way to Beat the Blues
March 1, 2010 • Posted by Jennifer Perillo

It’s still one month until the official start of spring. The days are getting a little longer, and before you know it, you’ll be hurrying out of the park to make it home in time to cook dinner. Until then, here’s a tasty cure for the whole family to beat the winter blues: homemade blueberry frozen yogurt. Yes, I know it’s not blueberry season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy these plump Vitamin C packed berries. Frozen blueberries are available year-round, and in the off-season are usually better tasting than fresh ones being shipping long distances to your local supermarket. When mixed with yogurt, they make for a refreshing treat you can feel good about serving the kids. In fact, this is also a quick, easy and delicious way to help them get an extra boost of calcium. Come summertime, offer this healthy “treat” for breakfast, and the kids will think you’re the coolest mom on the block.

Quick Blueberry Frozen Yogurt
Makes 2 servings

For an added protein boost, try swapping in Greek yogurt.

1 cup frozen blueberries
½ cup vanilla yogurt

Add the ingredients to the bowl of your Cuisinart mini-prep and pulse a few times until berries and yogurt are fully combined. Serve immediately for a slushy treat or freeze until firm enough to scoop, about an hour.

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