Make it Stop (Or Try!)
Make it Stop (Or Try!)
October 17, 2013 • Posted by Vivian Manning-Schaffel

Babies cry when they are wet, hungry, gassy, in need of a cuddle- you name it. It's the only way they have to communicate.

We all know that a diaper change, hunger and sleepiness will play a part in getting that tiny siren wailing. But what's a parent to do when the problem is... none of the above? There's nothing like that gut-wrenching, helpless feeling when your baby proves inconsolable.

But there are some things you can do to feel proactive. With these helpful tips, you might just find enough quiet to grab a few extra minutes sleep!

Song and dance
Some babies find peace in the midst of hub bub. Pick up your baby, turn up the music and hit the floor. Whether it be rollicking reggae, throbbing disco or head banging metal, babies just love being motion, and a little impromptu dance party might (ironically) just do the trick to quiet things down.

Sling It Out
Sometimes baby just wants to be near you- period. But this isn't always easy when you have things to do and errands to run. A way to solve this dilemma is to invest in one of the baby carriers/slings on the market. Baby will love being front and center on your person at all times, and you'll love your newfound, hands-free mobility.

Binkies and pinkies
Babies find comfort in sucking. The quickest, easiest baby soother is the tried and true pacifier. If your baby is old enough (6 weeks of age), stock up on "binkies," or if you are in a fix, offer up a pinkie to keep their little mouths occupied.

Wrap it up
There's a reason that hospital nurses are so adept at "swaddling." Securely wrapping a newbie baby doesn't just keep them warm -- it keeps them calm and feeling secure because they are used to the confines of the womb.

Once your baby is about a month old, it's better to let them get used to stretching out their arms and legs when they are awake. But when it comes to nap/bedtime, it's perfectly fine to keep on swaddling them if it helps them sleep.

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