Refreshing Spring Drinks
Refreshing Spring Drinks
April 25, 2018 • Posted by Jessica Pontoriero

Spring has sprung! The warmer weather calls for cool and refreshing drinks. What are your favorite Springtime beverages? Cuisinart is providing you will delicious drinks for everyone! 


Packed with zesty flavor, lemonade is a Springtime favorite that will take you right back to your childhood!

  • Fresh Lemonade/Fresh Limeade: What’s better than freshy squeezed lemonade right at home? Tip: make sure to make multiple batches because this recipe goes fast!
  • Basil Lemonade: Add a hint of fresh basil to your lemonade and your taste buds will go wild.
  • Red Raspberry Lemonade: All you need is frozen raspberries, sugar, lemon juice and sparkling water. Yes, it’s that simple and that delicious!


Jump start your day with smoothies! Smoothies are packed with vitamins and minerals that will keep you going all day long:


Tea will help quench your thirst on those warm Spring days! Plus, they are infused with antioxidants and aromatic herbs:

  • Citrus Mint Iced Tea: This tea recipe will become a family favorite! Orange juice, lemon juice, English tea and mint make this drink extra special.
  • Lavender-Green Tea: So floral and fragrant, this green tea recipe is amazing served iced or hot! Our PerfecTemp® Cordless Electric Kettle will help you prepare the beverage in minutes!
  • Bubble Tea: If you never had bubble tea before, now is your chance to make it at home! Pearl tapioca adds a burst of flavor!

Adult Drinks

Shake it up! These “adult only” drinks are the perfect compliment to a hearty meal outdoors: (remember to always drink responsibility)

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