Tips for Your Dream Spring Garden Wedding
Tips for Your Dream Spring Garden Wedding
May 9, 2018 • Posted by Jessica Pontoriero

The spring season is the perfect time for a wedding! From the décor to the food menu, let the spring season inspire you! If you are planning a spring wedding, let us help you bring all your dreams to life:


The décor is one of the most important aspects of a wedding. From choosing table linins, to choosing the right colors and flowers, decorating a wedding venue can be stressful! But don’t worry, Cuisinart is here to help!

A wedding venue in a botanical garden or greenhouse will really capture that Spring feel. Throughout the venue, you can set up cocktail bar or tea bars and even a cozy garden lounge area for guest to relax and enjoy their drinks. We love the idea of a garden tea cocktail hour, with plenty of bright herbal drinks.

Now, it’s on to the color scheme and table settings. Or a spring wedding, we recommend lively shades of green, blue, or pink. For the table settings, a wooden or brass table with floral chair cushions will really bring the spring garden theme together. Cover the tables with tablecloths that fit your color scheme and place guest name tags above the plates. Guest names can be “blooming” out of a flower or written on a cutout flower.

Now, let’s move on to the centerpiece! Be sure to pick flowers that are bursting with color, such as tulips, lilacs and poppies. This will surely brighten up your table! You can even top chandlers with these flowers, so fancy!  Lastly, adding twinkle lights throughout the venue, or even right in the centerpieces as well, will bring a romantic mood to the reception.

Food Menu:

For your dream Spring wedding, there are many menu options to choose from. Below is a sample menu, filled with bold flavors and fresh food!





  • Raspberry -Mint Sorbet
  • For your wedding cake, keep it simple and elegant! A plain vanilla with vibrant flowers (or chocolate that looks like moss) is the perfect cake for your Spring wedding.

Congratulations on this new chapter of your life! We hope that your day is filled with everlasting memories, magical moments and love!

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