Halloween Tricks and Treats
Halloween Tricks and Treats
October 26, 2017 • Posted by Jessica Pontoriero

Halloween is just around the corner! It's time to throw the ultimate Halloween bash for friends and family. What food will you serve? How will you decorate your home? Have no fear, Cuisinart is here! Here is our guide to spooky treats and tricks that everyone will be sure to love: 

Set the Mood: 
Are you ready for some Halloween fun? Let's get started on creating the ultimate costume party! Get in the Halloween spirit by greeting guests in a spooky entryway. Dress it up with some fake cobwebs, skeletons, and dim/ orange lights. You can even place a fog machine on your porch to create an eerie atmosphere. 

After the guests have made it passed the entryway, it's time for some fun! Set up some tables for food and for guests to sit comfortably. Cover them with black, orange, or patterned tablecloths. Also make sure to have festive cups, dishes, and utensils readily available for guests. For an easy decorative touch, create your own spooky balloons! Simply draw ghost or monster faces with a permanent marker on orange, yellow, white, or green balloons! 

For some extra Halloween excitement, create a "Costume Corner." Set up an area where guests can get their face painted, pick out some wearable candy jewelry, and put on some removable tattoos/stickers. Children (and adults) will love dressing up and bringing their costumes to life!

Spooky Treats 
After your guests have survived then entryway and dressed up their costumes, it’s time to eat! We have plenty of spooky options for both children and adults. Mix up the ultimate Halloween Blood Punch and serve in a witch's cauldron. You can even clean out a pumpkin and use it as a cooler for drinks. When it comes to food and appetizers, the possibilities are endless. Try our:

  1. Halloween Potato Salad
  2. Halloween Trail Mix
  3. Halloween Pumpkin Spread
  4. Halloween Snackers
  5. Halloween Soup

But, we are not finished yet...it's not Halloween without the treats! Create a spooky treat station, where guests can make their own ghoulish treats! For example, set up a fondue maker and melt some white chocolate. Guests can then dip Oreos, and stick on edible eyes for a delicious mummy creation! You can even fill up jars or hallow skulls with candy and chocolate. Make sure to have decorative take-home bags so guests can fill them up and take their treats home. 

Throwing the ultimate Halloween bash is easy, fun and full of scares! Guests of all ages will love the spooky food and decorations. Have a happy and safe Halloween everyone!

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