We all Scream for Ice Cream!
We all Scream for Ice Cream!
July 18, 2017 • Posted by Jessica Pontoriero

Nothing is better than ice cream in the summertime! Cuisinart is giving you the ultimate guide to making delicious, homemade ice cream. Whether you are a chocolate or peanut butter lover, we have the perfect treats just for you. Let’s start churning our top ice cream recipes:

  1. Toasted Almond Ice Cream:  Slivered almonds and vanilla make this ice cream oh, so delicious! After just two hours of setting in the fridge, you can indulge in this sweet delight.
  2. Mocha Chip Ice Cream: If you’re a coffee lover, you will love this magical combination! Espresso and cocoa powder make this ice cream truly one of a kind.
  3. Chocolate Mint Ice Cream: Cool and refreshing. Mint candies are packed into every bite of this iced treat.
  4. S’more Ice Cream: What’s better than gooey s’mores by the fire on a summer night? Turning it into ice cream of course! Simply combine marshmallow cream, crushed gram crackers, and chocolate chips for a tasty treat.
  5. Butter Pecan Ice Cream: So crunchy and buttery. Nutty pecans give this ice cream a burst of flavor and texture!
  6. Simple Vanilla Ice Cream: Sometimes nothing is better than classic vanilla! Fresh, simple flavors make this homemade ice cream out of this world! (and it makes for good milkshakes too)
  7. Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream: Take a journey to peanut better heaven with this creamy and decadent peanut butter cup ice cream recipe! Every bite is filled with peanut butter cup goodness! 
  8. Cheesecake Ice Cream: Did you say cheesecake ice cream?! Mascarpone and cream cheese make this dessert extra special and creamy. Top with fresh strawberries for some added sweetness!
  9. Banana Walnut Chip Ice Cream: Bananas, dark rum, chocolate, and toasted walnuts...oh my! Everyone is going to want to give this amazing ice cream a try.  
  10. Pistachio Ice Cream: Fresh pistachios are all that is needed to make this ice cream out of this world! 

Do you know what’s even better? All these delicious ice cream recipes can be sandwiched in-between two soft cookies to make Ice Cream Sandwiches! Our ice cream makers are sure to make your at-home ice cream making experience easy! Cuisinart hopes that you have a wonderful Summer filled with laughter, family and friends, and delicious ice-cold treats!

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