Summer Wedding Guide
Summer Wedding Guide
July 11, 2017 • Posted by Jessica Pontoriero

Summer is in the air…and so are the wedding bells! Summertime is the perfect wedding season; beautiful weather, bright colors, and fresh flavors! So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started planning the ultimate Summer wedding menu:


These drinks are perfect for the Summer season! From lemonade to tea, guests will keep refreshed with these sweet and light beverages:

  1. Sparkling Lemonade Lemonade anyone? Pink lemonade, pineapple juice, and fresh lemons make this adult drink extra special!
  2. Sweet White Tea Sweet tea! This is the ultimate summer treat! White tea is combined with dried hibiscus, blueberries, orange peel, and vanilla to make a fresh and aromatic drink.
  3. Mango Vanilla Bean Mojito Shake it up! This isn’t your average mojito, it has a vanilla mango twist. Lime juice, mangos, kiwis, vanilla, and mint come together in a tasty drink that will surely take your taste buds on a ride!


Now that we have had a drink, let’s fill our bellies with some delicious food! These appetizers are the perfect finger foods and start to a wonderful meal:

  1. Cucumber Sandwiches These sandwiches are made with simple and fresh ingredients. Ranch cream cheese and thinly sliced cucumbers are placed in-between hearty pieces of rye bread…yummy!
  2. Salmon Cakes You will definitely eat more than one of these salmon cakes! Fresh salmon is tossed with onion, lemon juice, and bread crumbs and formed into fluffy cakes of deliciousness!
  3. Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus This appetizer is light, filled with lemony flavor, and wrapped with crispy bacon perfection.  



It’s dinner time! These entrees are bursting with bright summer flavors! Let guests pick from this list of mouthwatering options:

  1. Grilled Rosemary Orange Chicken Perfectly crisp on the outside and bursting with citrusy flavor, this grilled chicken is the ultimate dinner dish!
  2. Lemon Tossed Tomato Pasta with Shrimp Fresh pasta is tossed with lemon, parmesan cheese, and shrimp. Now, that’s one satisfying meal!
  3. Steak with Summer Squash and Pine Nuts Our final dinner option is a flank steak topped with fresh summer squash, red peppers, garlic and toasted pine nuts. Doesn’t that sound amazing?



Did you save room for dessert? We sure did! Guests (and you) will surely love these sweet treats. In addition to these delightful desserts, you can even have an ice cream sundae bar with loads of toppings to choose from! Let’s take a sweet journey to dessert land, we will have one of each please!

  1. Grilled Peaches with Mascarpone Cream Mable syrup and butter perfectly caramelize sweet peaches. But wait, we aren’t finished just yet! The grilled fruit is then topped with sweet vanilla mascarpone cream…absolutely heavenly!  
  2. Chocolate Raspberry Brownie Mousse Raise your hands if you love brownies! This fudgy brownie is taken to the next level when it is topped with a light whipped cream raspberry mouse.
  3. Strawberry Shortcakes This is simply a classic dessert! Strawberries and a vanilla cream are nestled inside a fluffy buttermilk biscuit. Now that’s sweet bite of goodness!     

We can feel the love! Summer is full of brightness and liveliness! Cuisinart hopes that your wedding day is just as special and sweet as you!

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