Best Foods for Baby
Best Foods for Baby
June 21, 2017 • Posted by Jessica Pontoriero

Feeding your baby the right foods is important for their development. When deciding on what foods to introduce to your baby, always make sure that they are fresh and healthy. This is also a great time for them to try foods with different textures and tastes. Here are some of the best nutritious foods for baby:

  • Cereal (5+ Months) It is important to make sure that your baby is getting the proper amount of iron into their diet. The best way to do so is to give them cereals. These iron-rich cereals also give your baby a chance to feed themselves and to explore. 
  • Avocados (6+ Months) Avocados are packed with protein and have the perfect creamy texture for babies. Not only are they great for brain development, they also contain unsaturated fats that help protect against heart disease! The best way to serve them to your baby is when they are ripe and can be easily mashed.
  • Sweet Potatoes (6+ Months) Sweet potatoes loaded with beta-carotene (carrots are too)! This helps develop good eyesight and skin. The soft textured vegetable also is rich in Vitamin C and iron. Babies enjoy these potatoes because of their pleasant flavor.  Make sure to cook the potato until they are tender enough to be mashed down.
  • Meat (7+ Months) Red meat and chicken are good for baby and contain protein and zinc; all important vitamins and minerals needed for healthy growth. Chicken contains vitamin B6, which helps sustain energy, while read meat is rich in iron. Make sure not to give your baby big pieces of meat, make sure to mash down or even blend with soft veggies.
  • Yogurt (9+ Months) Keep your baby’s bones and teeth strong with yogurt! Yogurt is full of protein, calcium, and vitamin D…which help maintain a heathy digestive tract and neutralize bacteria. The best yogurt to give your baby is plain, you can even mix in some mashed bananas which contain plenty of fiber and energizing carbohydrates.  

Remember if you are unsure about what to feed your baby, always contact your pediatrician for assistance. These nutritious foods will surely keep your baby healthy and are simply delicious too!

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