Table Setting Guide
Table Setting Guide
April 26, 2017 • Posted by Jessica Pontoriero

Are you properly setting your table? Well if you are having any concerns or doubts, you came to the right place! Setting the table should be the least of your worries. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be a table setting master!

Basic / Everyday Table Setting

For a causal get together with friends and family, a basic table setting is the way to go! All it takes are these easy steps:

The plate is the center of attention. The dish should sit in the center of the table setting. Next, let's move onto utensil placement. The fork goes on the left side of the dish while the spoon and the knife go on the right side of the dish. Make sure to place the knife so that the sharp edge is facing the dish and is closest to the plate. The spoon is placed right, directly next to the knife.

Now that your table is set for a meal, let's talk about the placement of your drinking glasses and napkins. The water glass should be set right above the knife. You can also fold your napkin under the fork or simply leave it on top of the plate, whichever you prefer. You can also fold the napkin over the dinner plate for some extra style.

Informal Table Setting
For an informal dinner, start by setting the table as a basic one. However, there are a couple of more steps to make an informal table setting just right:

When serving salad, make sure to set the salad fork next to the dinner fork on the left, all the way to the outside. Then, simply add a salad or bread dish on the left, above the forks. You can also place a soup bowl on top of the dinner dish. Lastly, a coffee or tea cup is placed to the right of the dish with a wine glass to its left.

Formal Dinner Table
When preparing for a huge celebration, such as a holiday, a formal table setting should be made. Start to set your formal dinner table as you would for an informal setting. Then, place the water glass above the knife. The white wine glass is placed to the right of the water glass and the red wine glass is placed above them. Place the soup spoon to the right of the knife and you can even jazz up your dishes by placing a charger beneath the dinner plate. A charger is a decorative plate that does not get used.

Note that for dessert flatware and dishes, they can be brought out when the time is right or you can simply place them horizontally above the dinner plate. When it comes to dessert dishes, bring them out to the table when needed. All water glasses and dessert wine glasses should remain on the table while the rest of the dinnerware should be removed.

Decorative Touches
You can also create beautiful centerpieces for the table depending on the occasion to give the table a more festive feel.  Mixing and matching your dinnerware is also a great way to bring flare to the table design. Make sure that they coordinate in some way, whether it be color or shape of the dishes. You can even keep the salads from wilting by keeping the plates cool in the fridge before serving. The same can be done with dinner dishes; simply keep them warm by placing them in the oven at the lowest temperature, if they are oven safe.

Setting the table for a dinner party or luncheon is super easy to set up! You will be ready for guests in no time and your table will look simply stunning!

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