Wedding Breakfasts
Wedding Breakfasts
March 2, 2017 • Posted by Jessica Pontoriero

It’s time to start your new life together! Why not celebrate your first day as newlyweds with a breakfast the day after your wedding? Let’s start planning! First, you must pick a time that works for all your guests; especially after a long night of celebrations and if some of your guests are out of town. Great times to set the breakfast at would be anywhere from 9:00 am to 10:00 am. Also, consider if you would like the event to be formal or casual. You can even match the décor to the theme of your wedding. After all, weddings are all about family, happiness, love, and FOOD.



Serve fun and creative drinks to start you’re morning off. There is a variety of drinks you can serve to your all guests of different ages. Here are some ideas you can serve:

Coffee: Start your morning with a warm cup of coffee! Set up a fun coffee bar with an array of choices! You can provide different creamer and coffee flavors along with sweet toppings like whipped cream or caramel.  You can even design custom made coffee selves with your names.

Smoothies: If you are not a fan of coffee, smoothies are another great option to kick to start your day! Guests can choose their favorite fruit blend!

Juice and Tea: These are more child-friendly options. You can offer your guests apple juice, orange juice, or whichever blend you prefer. The same goes for tea options.

Mimosas: Adult only! Make a toast to the new couple with sweet, bubbly, and orangey mimosas!


Hot Breakfast Options:

It’s the most important meal of the day, let’s make it delicious! Bring sunshine to the day with these heartwarming meals that are definite crowd pleasers:

Waffle Station: Who doesn’t love waffles!?  Offer your guests different toppings to choose from: chocolate chips, whipped cream, strawberries…they are endless!

Omelets & Frittatas: You can also have an egg station where guests can create their own omelets and frittatas. Some like it cheesy, some like it spicy. Either way, there is a variety to choose from!

French Toast & Breakfast Panini: French toast is always a breakfast classic. Smothered in sugar and cinnamon, it’s a treat for people of all ages! Breakfast paninis are also another great option to serve, it essentially has all the goodness of a great breakfast wrapped into one!

Pancakes & Crepes: Griddle us a perfect pancake please. Guests can choose from different toppings and batters for both the pancakes and crepes. (Whipped cream and fresh fruit are just some of our favorites)

Potatoes: Last, but certainly no least. Let’s face it, potatoes are great at any meal! You can serve them as hash browns, home fries, roasted, or diced. They are the perfect side (or star of the show) to a delicious and warm breakfast meal.


We hope your new life together is filled with endless joy, happiness, and delightful meals!

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