Fall Wedding Table
Fall Wedding Table
November 8, 2016 • Posted by Jessica Pontoriero

You found the most amazing dress, and now it’s time to pick the perfect table setting for your Fall wedding! Fall wedding themes are filled with warm colors and rich accent pieces! But, with so many choices and color combinations, it could be a little difficult to choose the best items for your tables. Do not stress because we are here to help!


Use nature as your guide for choosing the right centerpieces!  Flowers are always the perfect addition to your table. Some Fall flowers that can be used in your centerpieces are hydrangeas, calla lilies, dahlias, roses, mums, or poppies. For an added flare, use a combination of flowers mixed with berries, branches or leaves! You can also use baby’s breath flowers for a fun and edgy effect. Mixing up the textures and colors in your centerpieces will really make bring your table to life and make a bold statement!

Okay, so now that you have your flowers picked out and ready to go, it’s time to look for flower holders. But, let’s look beyond the standard glass vase! Clay vases, copper pots, or mason jars are the way to go for a Fall wedding because of their natural appeal. Also, candles and/or lanterns can be a great addition to your table to give your reception a cozy, Fall night feel. For a creative spin, cute little wooden boxes can be placed on the table. Your guests can then leave congratulatory messages or you can fill the boxes with charming notes to them.  

Tablecloth and Napkins

Tablecloths are essentially the first color guests will spot at your reception. So it is important to choose a color that both compliments the autumn décor and your centerpieces. If your centerpieces are a bit bolder in color, then you would want to choose a tablecloth color that doesn’t clash and allows the centerpiece to be showcased. Some possible color combinations that you can use for your Fall theme are mint, silver and plum or gold, white, and crimson. In addition to the tablecloth, you can add a table runner for an extra effect. Some ideas can be adding your monogram to the table runner or using a simple rustic burlap. You can even use branches and flowers as your table runner as well!

Next, we move on to the napkins. One of the first things that you must consider when choosing napkins is the color, of course. If your tablecloth is not a bold color and your centerpieces are, you can match the centerpieces’ color. Also, think about napkin rings/holders because they can add a whimsical touch. Holders can be made of branches or made of gold leaves, the choice is all your own!  Lastly, napkin placement is important. This might seem like a small detail of the table setting but is effects the overall style of the table. Will they elegantly drape over the china or be set off to the side? Speaking of fine china, let’s move on to our final wedding table element.

China Silverware and Glassware

What is a table without china, silverware and glassware? This is truly an important aspect! With the colors chosen for the centerpieces and linens, picking the right color china is essential to maintaining the overall theme of the wedding. White china is always classic and blends well with other bold colors. If you want an extra decorative touch, you can choose china with color splashes and accents. Just make sure that it does not clash with the rest of the color scheme. The same can be said about the silverware and glassware, little accents can be unique but make sure not to overdo it if other elements of the table are flamboyant. Cuisinart Glassware will surely give your table extra elegance! Want to add something sweet for guests while they wait for your entrance? Place some cinnamon cookies or chocolates on your china for a fun surprise!

A Fall wedding is filled with rustic and warm colors. Be creative with your table settings by adding colorful centerpieces and fun interactive items for your guests! Remember to be consistent with your color scheme and to add bold accents where necessary. Now let’s get planning! 

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