Healthier Classroom Eats
Healthier Classroom Eats
October 4, 2016 • Posted by Jessica Pontoriero

Ahhhhh, college…Taking exams, writing notes, and working on group projects. All that work is tiring, so sometimes you need a little energy kick! Below are some quick and easy things you can bring into the classroom during your college lectures!

  1. Tea and Coffee: First things first, coffee and tea will help you stay alert! Just brew a cup in your dorm room or pick it up from your favorite coffee shop on campus! Also try our new K-Cup compatible Single Serve Brewer! It’s perfect for your dormroom and you can make any of your favorite hot drinks with just the touch of button!
  2. Bagels, Sandwiches and Wraps! Oh My! Have an early class? Bring in a bagel! They’re so simple to prepare or pick up on the way to class. In addition, for afternoon classes just make your own sandwich or whole wheat wrap, these will keep you full and ready to ace your next exam!
  3. Protein Bars: These are perfect for on the go! Have back to back classes and no time to pick up or make food? Well a protein bar is the perfect snack, packed with oats and nuts that will keep you fueled throughout your classes! They come in a variety of favors, even with chocolate! Just watch out for added sugar levels.
  4. Pretzels/Crackers: Packing some pretzels or crackers in your bag is so easy to do and is a great little snack to pull out while taking notes in class. They’re always easy to prepare and satisfying. If you want to jazz up this snack some more, bring along healthy hummus for the ride!
  5. Dry Cereal: Are you a cereal lover? Then pack some for class! Empty some out into a plastic baggie or container and you’re good to go! Choose cereals with higher fiber and whole wheat levels and avoid too much extra sugar. If you love the sweet stuff, add your own dark chocolate chips! Make a batch in the Cuisinart SmarTrack 12-piece container system and you’ll always have health snacks on hand that won’t go stale.
  6. Veggies and Fruit: This can add some sweetness and some energy to your day. Veggies and fruits are packed with nutrients such as vitamin C and antioxidants to keep you going! Just simply bring an apple or wash some strawberries and place them into a container and BAM: the perfect little healthy snack.

Whether you’re commuting to college or dorming, all of these snacks are easy and require little preparation! Perfect to bring along to your classes. (And delicious, too.)

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