Restaurant Guide: Tips for Eating Out with Your Toddler
Restaurant Guide: Tips for Eating Out with Your Toddler
September 19, 2016 • Posted by Thomas White

With the right precautions and expectations, eating out with your toddler can be fun! Although toddlers tend to get restless and the food choices may not be the best for your toddler to munch on, we have rounded up five tips to help make it less stressful!

  1. The restaurant. Think carefully about your favorite restaurants and see which ones are toddler friendly. Sometimes a calm environment is best, but if it’s too quiet all eyes will be on you when your toddler gets a little too excited. Eating at an earlier time can help you avoid crowds and overstimulation. Many restaurants are child friendly, and some will even offer crayons and coloring pages at the table!
  2. The food. From ages 1-3, your toddler can eat foods such as chicken, pasta, and potatoes cut into smaller pieces that are easy to chew. Review the restaurant’s menu ahead of time and bring additional snacks if you think your toddler might be picky! Snacks such as whole-grain cereals, bite size veggies, and chopped fruits are easy to prepare and store in our Baby Food Storage Containers!
  3. The table. Call ahead to your restaurant and request a more spacious table with room for a high chair that can be next to you as well as the supplies that you need on hand when caring for a child! Restaurants will appreciate the heads up and help make the space work for you. Remember to keep certain table items out of your toddler’s reach - all kids love tugging on table cloths at some point in their lives!
  4. The toddler. This is a vital part of going out to eat with your toddler. Make sure that your toddler has had plenty of rest so they will be cranky during your meal. Happy toddler means a happy meal out! If they start to become a little antsy, it is best to pull away from the table and let your toddler get some space and fresh air.
  5. The supplies. What’s your toddler’s favorite toy? Bring it along in a bag just in case! Sometimes toddlers can get frustrated waiting for a table or food and their favorite toy can keep them calm and smiling. If your toddler is a messy eater (who isn’t?) consider a change of clothes.

Bringing your toddler out to eat doesn’t have to be stressful. Planning ahead and avoiding any triggers can help you get back to adulthood with your new family. As always, a little patience goes a long way!

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