Something Blue
Something Blue
July 18, 2014 • Posted by Brea Buffaloe

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. We’ve all heard this line many times before and if your wedding is coming soon, it’s your turn to bring the saying to life. Today we’ll focus on the “something blue.” Many couples choose to express this part of the line with quiet accents hidden throughout the wedding, with decals on shoes or blue stitching in wedding attire. Others prefer to make a bold statement with blue wedding themes and decor. Our favorite way to bring something blue into a wedding is of course, with food.

Have you ever heard of blue velvet cake? It’s just as sweet to look at as it is to eat and a fun twist on the traditional red velvet cake. The outside of your cake can match your theme, white, yellow, silver, whatever you like. Then when you cut into the cake for the first time the rich blue color will be a great surprise for your guests.

Another great idea is to incorporate blue into your signature cocktail. Our favorite is the Blue Hawaiian, made from rum, pineapple juice, Curacao, and cream of coconut.

Blue edible wedding favors are sure to please your guests. Some ideas include cookies with blue icing, blue macarons, a blue themed candy bar for guests to fill up bags to take home or blue mini cakes or cake pops.

How are you incorporating something blue into your wedding?

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