Top 5 Wedding Food Trends
Top 5 Wedding Food Trends
June 6, 2014 • Posted by Brea Buffaloe

There’s plenty of ways to bring personality and creativity to your wedding. From décor to music to venues, you name it! Food is no exception. The options are endless when it comes to what your serving and even how you serve it. Let’s take a look at the top 5 wedding food trends of 2014.

Food Bars
Food bars are a great way to allow guests to customize what they want to eat. Some ideas include mashed potato, taco, salad and pasta bars. But that’s just for dinner! For dessert you can try a candy, ice cream or cupcake bar. Beverages are a great idea as well. If you’re having a morning wedding try a coffee or mimosa bar.

Foods on a Stick
What’s better than food you can carry around the party with you? All sorts of foods have been seen on sticks lately from cakes and pies to sushi and meatballs. This idea is especially good for your cocktail hour as long as it pairs well with your drinks. Check out our Stick to This Pinterest Board for more ideas.

Mini Meals
Not only are miniature versions of your favorite foods tasty, but they are also fun and memorable. Since it’s less traditional, this will go great with wedding that have a DIY feel. To distinguish this trend from hors d’oeuvres, it’s all about presentation such as garnishes and plating. Some ideas include mini mac and cheese, shrimp cocktail, burgers and desserts such as ice cream cones, s’mores and milkshakes.

Family-Style Dinner
This serving style is warm, casual and unique. Not to mention less expensive than the traditional plated style dinner. It will bring back memories of family dinners while you celebrate the start of your new family with your spouse. With this style, large platters are passed around your table, allowing for variety and customized portion sizes.

Comfort Food
If having the foods you grew up with at home rather than something “fancy” is what you’d like at your wedding, by all means, do it! To have comfort foods match the elegance of your wedding, you just need to dress them up with garnishes and plating styles. We have a great cornbread recipe that your guests would love.

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