Diet While Breastfeeding
Diet While Breastfeeding
June 5, 2014 • Posted by Brea Buffaloe

You’ve finally given birth but eating for two isn’t quite over yet. It’s important to remember to take care of yourself and get the right nutrients during the breastfeeding phase. Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think. There’s much more you can eat rather than can’t eat.

Let’s start with breastfeeding benefits. Breast milk guards your baby against many illnesses by creating a protective layer on the mucous membranes. It also prevents diabetes, high cholesterol and allergies. In fact, breastfeeding benefits the mother as well. Besides the fact that it’s free, it may also reduce your risk of post partum depression and some cancers.

While breastfeeding you want to make sure you are eating enough calories and getting the right nutrients. Now is not the time to focus on weight-loss, especially not rapid weight-loss, which can allow toxins to enter the milk. Don’t be afraid to eat when you are hungry, which will most likely often. Milk production can burn up to 500 calories, so you can eat an extra 500 calories to match. To get the proper nutrients eat a variety of foods that include protein, calcium, vitamin C, iron, high-fat in small amounts, whole grains, green and yellow vegetables and fruits. When picking out food, avoid contaminants. Opt for organic when possible.

It’s also important to stay hydrated. The best choice is always water, but milk, fruit juice and vegetable juice are great options as well. Avoid caffeine, sugar and alcohol.

Remember: a healthy you = a healthy baby!

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