Brunch Themed Bridal Shower
Brunch Themed Bridal Shower
March 29, 2014 • Posted by Alexandra Supel

Brunch is a great and marvelous thing. Everyone loves brunch! You get to combine two meals into one and have a splendid time with friends and family. Why not take that idea and make your Bridal Shower a brunch-themed party! Try some of these brunch-inspired ideas to make your party a success!

Try adding a twist to your mimosas and make them more personal by creating an entire Mimosa bar! Let the creative juices flow! Instead of serving the original orange juice and champagne concoction, mix it up with ingredients, like grapefruit, hibiscus, rhubarb syrup, an array of berries, or (gasp!) cotton candy. Instead of pre-made drinks, leave all the various ingredients out so your guests can play around and become their own mixologists. Place a notebook next to the table so your guests can write down what they added into their new drinks—you might even find a new favorite!

Saint Germain is another great liquor that works well with the brunch theme. The sweet flavor it derives from the Elderflower mixes well with white wine and champagne. Try adding it to your wine spritzer with a slice of lemon and we’re sure you’ll be in heaven!

Otherwise, the staples to any brunch—coffee, tea, Bloody Mary, and Bellini—are great ways to keep everyone up and happy during the day.

Brunch is the best meal of the day. The possibilities for food are almost endless. Whether you prefer sweet or savory (or both!), brunch has what you’re craving. That’s why brunch-themed parties are a great way to find something for everyone. For the sweet tooth, try offering bite size waffles or pancakes served with a shot of maple syrup, or set up a cookie and cupcake station where your guests can decorate them with frosting, sprinkles, or fruit. Scones and muffins work well too.

For the savory type, mini quiches, stuffed peppers, and frittatas work exceptionally well. If you’d like to keep everything in bite-size portions, try baking frittatas in little cupcake molds. Deviled eggs are another delicious treat, and you can switch it up and add chives and slices of black truffles instead of caviar and paprika.

Crepes offer a great median between the sweet and savory worlds. If you have a crepe making station, supply ingredients for both palettes. Although crepes are typically associated with sweets, adding mushrooms, salmon, cheese, capers, or rather anything to your savory fancy works equally well! Farmer’s cheese on melba toast is another example for sweet and savory. For sweetness, drizzle some honey or add a little jam. If you’d like it a little savory or salty, try adding radishes and chives with a dash of salt and pepper.

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Bon apetite!

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