Your Guide To A Super Bowl Baby Shower
Your Guide To A Super Bowl Baby Shower
January 29, 2014 • Posted by Ankita Satija
We’ll admit, footballs and cradles may not sound like a natural mix. But if you’re looking for a fun and innovative way to celebrate an upcoming birth, you might consider a Super Bowl-themed baby shower.

Think about it - there are significant perks. For one, a football-themed shower won’t have male guests screaming for the nearest exit. Plus, the energy surrounding the big game will perfectly match your excitement for the arrival of your little blessing.

There are several ways to pull off a Super Bowl baby shower. You can hold the event on Game Day, creating a combination of a Super Bowl party-turned-baby-shower, or you can host your shower a week before or after while everyone is feeling the football frenzy.

One benefit of this creative shower is that you can easily tailor it to the appropriate gender, or keep it completely neutral. For a girl, consider using mini pink football jerseys for decoration or as party favors. For a boy, a navy blue or green color scheme would work nicely.

As you know, food is a necessity at every baby shower – especially for a tailgate-themed party. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1) Pink or blue cupcakes with an edible football or goal post topper. To go even further, try coconut frosting with green food coloring to emulate a football field.

2) Traditional Game Day chow, of course. Think mac and cheese, buffalo wings and a veggie platter. For inspiration, check out our Super Bowl recipe swap.

3) These chocolate-covered football strawberries, via Domestic Fits. They look delicious and fit the tailgate theme.

4) Sports water baby bottles. Wrap a football team-emblazoned label around the bottle, then arrange on the refreshments table. Your guests will love the unique drink container and the bottles will make for sweet Super Bowl décor.
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