Goodies for a Gender Reveal Party
Goodies for a Gender Reveal Party
January 10, 2014 • Posted by Ankita Satija
Lately, gender reveal parties have been quite in vogue. Many parents are choosing to extend the need-to-know compulsion to their friends and family by throwing teasing parties that end in a dramatic reveal of their baby’s sex. To throw the ultimate bash that will tantalize your guests, you’ll need to keep the color scheme completely neutral. Yes, that extends to the refreshments you serve, too. Here are some ideas that won’t give away the surprise:

1) Pink and Blue Lemonade
Don’t let your guests think for a minute that pink lemonade implies a little lady is on the way. Sprinkle lemonade with raspberry or cranberry juice for a fruity pink version, and blackberries or blueberries for a blue hue. Refreshing!

2) Edible Medals
As your guests walk in, tell them to head over to the refreshments and make a guess on the gender. Have them wear a cookie medal in either pink or blue for the duration of the party. Even if they were wrong, they can still have a treat out of it! Simply bake a batch of cookies using either pink or blue frosting. Make a little hole and loop a ribbon through each medal. Voila!

3) Yellow Everything
Yellow is the official color of gender neutrality. Keep up the charade with signature yellow foods – think mac and cheese, stuffed yellow peppers, corn salad, etc.

4) Baby Bottles
It’s not time for bottles and diapers just yet, but play on the baby theme with plastic baby bottles filled with pink and blue candy. Be sure to save any leftover bottles you buy – they might come in handy pretty soon.

For the big reveal…
Whip up a batch of cake pops. Use chocolate or vanilla frosting for the external shell. For the inside, make pink or blue cake balls, depending on the gender of your little one on the way. Your guests will be surprised to see that the answer was on the dessert table the entire time – greatest party trick of the year!
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