Flavors of Love: 5 Delicious Wedding Cakes
Flavors of Love: 5 Delicious Wedding Cakes
January 3, 2014 • Posted by Ankita Satija
We've rounded up some unconventional yet divine cakes that will make a splash on your wedding day.

1) Red Velvet
Red velvet has already invaded our cupcakes, lattes and doughnuts, so why not our wedding cakes? The most notable aspect of red velvet is the rich cream cheese frosting. However, for a less tangy filling, you can alternate with the more conventional white buttercream. The gorgeous scarlet hue of this cake is also bound to pop against your white backdrop.

2) Mint Chocolate
Mint chocolate is an old favorite amongst ice cream parlors and after-dinner sweets. It also makes for a delectable wedding cake filling. This cake is comprised of a devil’s food cake with a chocolate-specked mint buttercream frosting. Whether in green or black-and-white, a Mint Chocolate cake will elate your guests, under-ten set and all.

3) Hazelnut with Chocolate Ganache
Chocolate and hazelnut are the perfect marriage of flavors. Bringing to mind sweet (pun intended!) memories of Nutella, these two flavors are natural complements, especially for your wedding cake. Instead of entering the ganache vs. buttercream debate, we’ll outline a key difference: ganache used as a glaze will give your cake a smoother finish than buttercream. However, ganache tends to work best with chocolate flavors, while buttercream is more versatile. Both make for a delicious filling.

4) Mocha
Coffee is an essential component of our daily lives and can be equally appreciated inside our wedding cake, too. A mocha buttercream adds a dash of cocoa flavor that goes great with a chocolate filling. The soft, light brown shade is pleasing on the eyes and will be as comforting to indulge as a creamy latte.

5) Passion Fruit
Perfect for a summer wedding, a Passion Fruit wedding cake will add a blast of sweet, tropical flavor. Fruits to consider for a light and fruity filling: pineapple, banana, kiwi and lychee. Coconut flakes and vanilla frosting would also complement this cake nicely. Your decorator can also adorn the layers with pieces of tropical fruits, for a truly exotic display!
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