Holiday Traditions To Start With Baby
Holiday Traditions To Start With Baby
December 19, 2013 • Posted by Ankita Satija
There’s no better time to create a new tradition than when you have a new member in the household. This year, the holiday season is doubly special – it’s baby’s first! You’ll want to make it one to remember for years to come. Here are our tips to starting holiday traditions in honor of your newest addition.

1) Make a digital scrapbook.
With a new member of the family, you’re going to want to remember every aspect of the holiday season. Be sure to take lots of photographs and upload them onto an online scrapbook. You can create albums to share with your friends and family with just a quick link. That funny photo of your little one in an oversized Santa hat? Add it in for everyone to see. And each year, watch your album grow!

2) Take a trip to see the holiday decorations.
It’s the time of year when your town or city is adorned in wonderful holiday decor. Create a new tradition by taking a family tour of what your lit-up surroundings have to offer. An infant likely won’t understand what he or she is seeing, but if you turn the trip into an annual occurrence, it’s bound to crop up in baby’s first memories.

3) Read your baby a holiday story.
Remember your old favorites like ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas? Introduce them to baby early on to establish a cherished tradition. It doesn’t matter if your baby’s reactions aren’t as enthusiastic as your own; the sense of familiarity will make this tradition one to anticipate in years to come.

4) Cook a classic dish together.
A key component of the holidays involves food. Your family may already have a staple dish you prepare each year, but a new baby means slightly adjusting the menu. No fear; you can easily incorporate traditional holiday fare into a baby’s palate. One suggestion: serve a blend of green beans and white potatoes.

Cooking is always more fun when it’s a group activity, so treat your little one to a first cooking lesson and include him or her in the food prep process. By having your baby in the kitchen, you can introduce them to the look and feel of new foods.

Green Beans and White Potatoes
Adapted from Homemade Baby Food Recipes

Note: We recommend using white potatoes as they are packed with essential vitamins and fiber every growing baby needs. This recipe is also only recommended for babies 7 months and older.

Green beans, cut into 2-inch pieces
1 medium potato cut into ½-inch cubes
Pinch thyme

Boil or steam green beans for 4-5 minutes until tender.

Place beans into a food processor with remaining water from boiling. Blend until smooth.

Dice white potatoes and add to bean mixture.

To add a little kick, try adding a spice like thyme to the blend.
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