Drip Coffee, Perfected
Drip Coffee, Perfected
November 21, 2013 • Posted by Priya Koshy

Skip the mile-long waiting lines and have your own barista brew the perfect cup of Joe right at home! Here’s how to ensure your home-brewed coffee tastes just as delicious as coffee shop java.

The perfect drip coffee begins with the right ratio of beans to water. Start by tossing in two tablespoons of freshly ground quality coffee beans per six ounces of water. Always use cold water in your coffee maker to ensure the best tasting coffee. Add another scoop if you need an extra boost of energy for the day.

As soon as your coffee is done brewing in the jug, toss or recycle the grounds immediately to keep the coffee tasting fresher. Also, remember to change the Charcoal Water Filter every month to ensure that pure coffee taste every time! Unfiltered water contains many impurities that can alter the taste of your brew. Why not sprinkle some cinnamon or nutmeg to add some fancy flavor? Voila! Gourmet coffee!

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