Kale: A Trend Your Baby Can Enjoy Too
Kale: A Trend Your Baby Can Enjoy Too
October 24, 2013 • Posted by Ankita Satija
Lately, it seems like there is no trendier food than kale. The leafy, cabbage-like vegetable has become a favorite for grown-ups in all of its succulent forms: fried into chips, softened in soup and chopped raw in salads. Not only is kale an excellent detox for your system, but it’s also heavy on vitamins and antioxidants. Who better to benefit from strong organ development and built resistance to autoimmune disorders than your darling infant?

Kale ensures proper liver functioning from its high iron level. Its Vitamin K content also guarantees healthy bone growth. In order for your baby to grow happily and to his or her full potential, introducing nutritious eating habits early on is key.

Here is a delicious puree containing kale and other greens that is bound to be a big hit with your little one. This recipe even adds sweet potatoes so your baby can enjoy a burst of flavor to complement the veggie-heavy experience.

Greens and Sweets
Makes about 1¼ cups or ten 1-ounce servings

1 cup peeled and sliced parsnips
1 cup sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into ½- to 1-inch pieces
½ cup parsley, hard stems discarded
½ cup shredded kale
225 ml water

Put the parsnips, sweet potatoes, parsley and kale into the work bowl of your Baby Food Maker & Bottle Warmer fitted with the steam blade and cover bowl with lid.

Add the water to the steam/bottle warming chamber and set the measuring cup in its place.

Close the lid to lock and then turn the dial to steam.

Once the light goes out indicating the steaming is complete, turn the dial to chop. Pulse about 10 times to break up, scraping if necessary, and then process continuously until completely smooth, about 20 to 30 seconds.

Allow to cool before serving. If not using immediately, refrigerate for up to three days or freeze in individual portions for convenience.
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