Baby Food Swap Party
Baby Food Swap Party
September 26, 2013 • Posted by Kalie Vitt

Swap parties are not only economical, but are also tons of fun. By hosting a baby food swap you can socialize with other like-minded mothers while introducing your baby to a larger variety of culinary delights. Making one recipe in bulk per a week versus several smaller recipes will save busy mothers a lot of time in the kitchen. If a Baby Food Swap sounds like your DIY savior, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Model a cookie swap: Like a cookie swap, everyone makes a mass of one recipe to swap. It is also a good idea to have individuals to post their recipe, so everyone doesn’t show up with mashed peas. Host a swap once a month or ideally every week, if you have time. Also, have group members take turns hosting the swaps either in their homes or at a local community center.

Make rules: It is important to not allow salt, citrus, nuts, berries or dairy to be added in the baby food. Such restrictions help to avoid possible allergens. You may also suggest that group members choose fresh organic, local ingredients to use in their recipes.

Swap: Meet up and Swap! Have everyone prepackage the individual servings to avoid messes and set a specific number for swapping: bring 10 jars, take home 10 jars.

There are obvious safety concerns with swapping baby food and it is an individual decision to decide what is right for you and your child. It is important to agree upon and honor specified rules and educate the group on what foods are safe for what ages. Check out our Cuisinart Original Baby Food Recipes for easy and delicious age appropriate ideas.

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