The Perfect Temp
The Perfect Temp
September 3, 2013 • Posted by Brea Buffaloe

Everyone has their favorite beverages, but that doesn’t mean it tastes perfect every time. There could be a number of different reasons for this, but today, we’ll take a look at temperature. This factor gets a lot less credit than it deserves! At the perfect temperature, your drink can be at its peak and thoroughly enjoyable. Let’s take a look at a few different beverages and their optimal temperatures:

Wine – Have you ever tried a wine that received rave reviews from friends but just wasn’t as wonderful as you expected? This may be due to the temperature at which it was served. As a general guideline, white wines should be served at 45-50 °F, red wines at 50-65 °F, rose wines at 45-55 °F, sparkling wines at 42-52 °F and fortified wines at 55-68 °F.

Beer – We’ve all heard the phrase, “I could use a nice, cold beer!” Just make sure it’s not TOO cold, unless you’re not big on aromas. Most major brands are fine served really cold. Fruit beers should be served at 40-50 °F, wheat and pale lager beers at 45-50 °F, pale ales and dark lagers at 50-55 °F, strong ales at 50-55 °F and dark ales at 55-60 °F.

Tea – In general, most teas are best brewed in boiling water. However, finer teas such as green and white teas are best at lower temperatures. Water temperature for green is should be 150-160 °F and 180 °F for white tea. Herbal teas are made up of many different blends so it’s difficult to determine the perfect temperature. Nothing a little trial and error can’t handle.

Coffee – Coffee is tricky. Some people like their coffee extra hot and some even like it iced! To make it a little simpler, coffee is normally served at 155-175 °F. Most people prefer it hotter, so 175 °F is optimal and hot enough to extract all the right flavors and aromas.

Espresso – Last but not least, and our personal favorite, espresso! Espresso extraction temperature is important and can really manipulate flavors. Generally, the optimal extraction temperature is 195-205 °F. The lower the temperature, the more accentuated acidic flavors are. The higher, the more accentuated bitter roasts are. When your espresso is served, it should be around 160-165 °F, but of course this should be based on your personal preference. The best espresso makers let you choose.

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